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#MySundayPhoto – Scaling The Heights 

A random trip to pick up a toy box in Honiton, turned into a random trip to see friends of ours… which turned into a random trip to the local play park… On a gloriously hot and Sunny Devon day.


Conversations with a PreSchooler #12

Overheard the other day…

Mrs Sofa: What colour is this?
LO: Lellow
Mrs Sofa: Yellow
LO: Lello
Mrs Sofa: Yell-ow
LO: Lell-ow
Mrs Sofa: Yell
LO: Yell
Mrs Sofa: Ow
LO: Ow
Mrs Sofa: Yell.Ow
LO: Yell.Ow
Mrs Sofa: (With a tone of victory) Yellow!
LO: Lellow!

#MySundayPhoto – Say hello To This Chap…

This fella can be found in Paignton Zoo, Devon.

Two lessons from our trip to Paignton Zoo:
1. Use the longer lens on the camera next time. (Would have been useful with the giraffes)
2. Snakes still make me feel uneasy.


Bake with Bing (in the Bing Baking app anyway)

This is not a drill. There is a new Bing App for your phone!

This isn’t a Bing app which you will not want to use for web searches, but may be useful to bargain with for another few minutes in Bed.

If your Little One is a fan of Bing Bunny on CBeebies, bare this in mind.

I’ve not had the chance to try the Little One out on this yet, but as she is a Dan of “Bing and Flop”, I’m expecting a positive welcome to less space being available on my phone for photos.

Pokemon Go… Worth a look?

I have to admit, I think Pokemon just missed me when it first became big, but there was something about Pokemon Go that got my interest… it was possibly the huge amount of talk online that did it… and the lack of ability to download it in the UK at the time.

But what is Pokemon Go anyway? In the words of wikipedia… “Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game, developed by Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company as part of the Pokémon franchise. It was released worldwide in July 2016 for iOS and Android devices.” Augmented Reality. is a fancy term for when a view of the real world has elements added to by computer-generated elements such as sound, video, or graphics. (See this mashable for more)

Why did I say all that?

Spotted in our local Sainsburys

Simply, Pokemon Go is a game where you walk around your neighbourhood looking for pokemon to catch. Walk a little further, and you can access powerups, and train your pokemon. There are expectations that there is a going to be a trading system in a future Pokemon Go update. I’ve heard its a little like Geocaching

Basically we have a game here that encourages people to go outside… and possibly even talk

Going for a ride…

to people around them.  People are also tweeting that its helping with depression and social anxiety.

I’m not going to say that this is the perfect game for Little Ones to play, due to it not being massively little kid friendly (for that I would suggest checking out the Cbeebies apps), but for older kids, this may be a great game to load up on walks around parks… and to go and catch pokemon together.

Pokemon Go can be found at your mobile app stores… and I would suggest checking it out.

If Pokemon Go still isn’t sounding like your thing, how about Chardonnay Go?


Dear David Cameron, Good Bye, and Thank You?

Dear David Cameron,

I’ve wondered over the last couple of days, as we’ve seen you moving on from being PM (and possibly a massively well paid speaking job and / or middle eastern peace seeking role), what my daughter will hear about you as she grows up? What will she hear about how the country was led back when she was born?

Will she hear about how you encouraged a Big Society as you came to power? And how that phrase seemed to disappear as time went on?

Will she cover the Libyan war in History? I wonder what people will say about that, and how the after effects were managed?

If she asked, would I mention about how some may say that your party’s campaign tactics have been a little… negative?  The thing is, it has occasionally worked for you.

What will people say if she asks about Englands response to the refugee crises? (As a side note, I guess thats still ongoing, not heard about it in the news recently)

I guess a lot of what she will hear will depend on what happens over the next few years. Will the UK still be United? I wonder if History will come up with a clear reason over why we had a referendum?

Would I tell her about the welfare state, the sanctions, and the changes in the benefit system that arguably led to a rise in Food Banks?

Or should I just explain that it was in your time that I and others really seemed to start to care about politics? That people gave up their own time to help other people, and run things like foodbanks? I guess some would argue you’ve done something about housing.  Stuff like that, I guess you should be thanked for.


Thanks for your time. (I guess time will tell anyway. )



Dads Sofa

P.S. Thanks for not taxing pasties.

#MySundayPhoto – Memories of The Somme

Taken during the Shrouds of the Somme art exhibition in Exeter. It was to remember each one of the 19240 Allied servicemen who fell on the first day of the Battle of the Somme 1 July 1916.

Seeing all the “bodies” lined up was a fantastic use of art to really hammer the human cost of that battle home.

For other Lego Photos please check out The Tales From The Toyshelf on Facebook.

Parenthood Accidents No One Tells You About

*** Trigger Warning – Some details some people may find gross ****

There we are, relaxing on the grass when Daddy somehow becomes a climbing frame.

As part of the climbing frame experience, I get grass thrown on me…In the midst of the grass throwing… Something happened… It seemed it was a great idea to push grass up my nose.

The photo shows what came out of my nostril…

This made me wonder what other accidents parents could possibly have. (But are so stupid no one speaks of it)

How about:

  1. Falling over a hoola hoop, through your back door, and onto the concrete paving outside.
  2. That sodding plastic tea pot on the floor… Which you still haven’t picked up since you last stepped on it.
  3. Picking up the Little One… Putting them down… Picking them up…. Putting them down… Back gives out….
  4. Skate board. Stairs.
  5. Accidentally riding a scooter in a supermarket checkout aisle.
  6. Accidental Asthma attack, brought on by trying to keep up with Little One on her bike.
  7. After waving your arms around in a mad attempt to ensure your little one doesn’t fall off the church pew, you accidentally hit an innocent bystander… who in turn, hits you.
  8. Chasing after the little one as she runs under a tree branch. Except you forget to duck under the branch.

Any other ideas?

#MySundayPhoto – Looking

Anna, looking for Elsa in B&Q…



Who should be the next England Manager? (From The World of cbeebies)

Over the last seven days it feels almost everyone is resigning their jobs. It started with a Prime Minister, and now the England Manager job is vacant.

This led me to wonder (possibly in a fit of post EU Referendum result depression) Who, in the world of cbeebies, should be the next England Manager?

The Voice from Sarah and Duck

Sarah and Duck TitlesLets look at “The Voice” from Sarah and Duck. Is he is a parent figure? Is he the voice of a shared consciousness between the characters? Either way, he seems to be a respected and possibly knowledgeable figure in their lives.

Sadly due to his only feature being a floating voice, he wouldn’t be liked by any media outlet (except possibly radio). Therefore he is out of the running for England Manager.

Iggle Piggle

He is the key figure in a crowd of various strange, amusing, and talented individuals. He is the one that appears to hold them all together, to the point that he is the last one asleep at night.

Sadly his lack of ability to talk could be unfortunate, but some may see that as an advantage.

Mr Tumble

TumblejpegI’m sure people would be ok with a clown in charge of the England team.

But some may argue he should be the next Prime Minister.

Charlie and Lola

How about some sort of joint position? Charlie would be the sensible one that talks to the press… the players… other managers… everyone.

Lola would be the one that comes up with the tactics.

Sid and Rebecca from Lets Play!

letsplay_slidemain (1)This could be a winning formula!

Every week, Sid or Rebecca takes on a new job, and seem to do that job really well. These jobs seem to range from Nursing to being a Rock Star. Whatever it is they do, they seem to do it well. Therefore I would argue for another joint position, with both Sid and Rebecca in charge.

They pretend to do everything else well, I’m sure they can both pretend to be the England Manager.

Any other ideas to add?

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