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Rhino Hunting Continued…

Rota’s have aligned and both myself and Mrs Sofa have been able to get week holiday at the same time. After hearing horror stories about traffic down to Cornwall, we’ve decided to spend our holiday around Exeter, possibly also exploring around Devon a little.

After seeing the Grandparents in North Devon yesterday, we decided to go Rhino Hunting again in Exeter (as well as a few other jobs), here’s a little photo album of the ones we found – excluding the castle one… he didn’t take a good photo.

If you’re around the Exeter Cathedral Green, take a moment to say hi to the guys on the Lego table, and donate a pound to build a brick on Exeters very own Lego Cathedral.

#MySundayPhoto – A Past Look at Venice

I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with the Prisma app on my phone over the last couple of weeks, heres a fresh look at a photo from Venice in Italy that I took a while back.


Conversations With A Small Child #13

During a conversation with  the Little One, about her upcoming birthday, I asked about the type of cake she wanted…

LO: A 4 cake! 

Me: We can do that, no problems (I think).

LO: A 4 cake, with peas, carrots, and sausage!

I think she got a little confused.

I hope she got a little confused…

She got confused right?

#MySundayPhoto – More Rhino Hunting in Exeter

We spent yesterday morning searching for Rhinos around Exeter.

Quick tip we learnt from yesterday, go to the Museum first before the “Rhino Shop” in the Harlequins Shopping Centre. The staff in the museum seemed to be a little “on edge” at the sight of a helium balloon, which we got given at the Rhino shop. If you go Rhino hunting around there, probably best to go to Museum first, and avoid the staff having a nervous breakdown.

Check out for information about why Rhinos are popping up around Exeter and South Devon.


#MySundayPhoto – When Bing Visits The Death Star

That Star Wars / Bing  Bunny from Cbeebies cross over you never knew you wanted…


Why Brexit happened — and what to do next

I dont often watch TED talks as often as I should.

If you’re interested in Why Brexit happened and what should happen next, I suggest giving this a watch.

If you dont have time to watch it, basically he suggests that maybe we should all talk a little bit more.

‘Get the baby out of here’ – Trump tries to get along with a baby…

It seems that Trump has tried to get along with a baby… and failed…

Moral of the story? Don’t let your kid cry when Trump is speaking. I guess…

#MySundayPhoto – Rhino Hunting in Devon

The plan was to check out the Westcountry BrickShow, then go find a Rhino or two… Well the two hour queue for the Lego show put us off going, so instead we decided to start hunting Rhinos instead.

The “Great Big Rhino Project”, is a trail of rhinos to go and discover around Exeter, and South Devon.

Our Little One loved finding, hugging and occasionally licking the rhinos we found. Yeah… The licking thing is weird…

We found this a great way to explore around Exeter with the Little One, she particularly enjoyed the underground passages centre. (There’s one down there by the way!)

Armed with a map of Rhino locations, it’s a little bit like PokemonGo, except instead of Pokemon and flat phone batteries, you’re finding Rhinos… And it’s easier to do this in groups without all of you having smart phones.

Check out for information about why Rhinos are popping up around Exeter and South Devon.


Do you have any non-child friendly games on your phone?

As I was sat waiting for a doctor type person the other day I came to a realisation.The only offline games I had on my phone were, CBeebies playtime, CBeebies Storytime, oh and Bing Bakes. 

(PokemonGo doesn’t count as the reception was next to none).

I decided to fix this by installing this innocent little game. 

Conversations with a PreSchooler #13 

Well the bad news is that the Little One has managed to cough herself awake.The good news is that after being at work all evening, this meant I got to read her a good night story.

As she asked mummy to come up stairs and turn her lamp off I left mummy to it, and retreated downstairs onto the PC. I had just decided to do the sensible thing and switch it off, when I heard a gentle “boo”

“What are you doing down here?” I ask, “I came downstairs”.

“Ok… Does mummy know you’re down here?”


“What do you think she’ll say”

“She’ll laugh”

I sometimes wonder if she gets my reactions to things confused with mummy’s.

She didn’t laugh.

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