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Conversations with a Tiny Person #3

Not only did the little one REALLY turn down cake, she turned down cake – after I resorted to the bribery approach to parenting – in front of a load of other parents.

Two minutes later she somehow managed to get hold of my far nicer cake.

#MySundayPhoto – Finding Hope?

A little something I took for the Tales From The Toy Shelf instagram page.

The instagram page has a character who is searching for Hope. This is where hope may be found.


Which CBeebies Characters Would Help Me Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

It all started with a random moment the other day when, Martin from Father Lee Moments wondered on The Dad Network Bloggers group, “I’ve often thought who from the world of cbeebies I would like on my team in the case of a zombie apocalypse!”

Now with the shops filled with Halloween monsters, and memories of 28 days later playing over (and over) in my mind, my imagination may have kicked in.

Therefore, here is my look at what CBeebies characters*, I would include in my team during a zombie apocalypse.

duck-sarah-and-duck-cbeebies Duck. (From Sarah and Duck) Back when Sarah and Duck came to our screens, we joined them for a trip to the zoo, which ended with Sarah being surrounded by hungry penguins. Therefore, I would suggest Duck would be a handy companion for anyone surrounded by hungry zombies, he can swoop in, pick you up and fly you to safe ground.

gemGem from Swashbuckle. She can apply the pirate dealing skills to the zombie apocalypse. I bet she’ll either be handy in a fight, or at least stealing jewels that can be used to bargain for food, weapons, or petrol at some point.

cube-deviceTree Fu Tom, from the action packed CBeebies show. Tree Fu Tom. He is one who can channel Big World Magic to rescue his friends, and solve all sorts of issues. He just needs someone to send him the big world magic.

maddie-moateMaddie Moate from “Do You Know?” – Every team needs someone to be the “brains” of the outfit. Maddie Moate from the show “Did You Know?” would be the brains of the CBeebies zombie team. As long as she had the special cameras on hand to show us how it all works!

peter-rabbit-cbeebiesPeter Rabbit. Picture it. You are surrounded. Zombie hoards are closing in all around you. These aren’t slow slow zombies either, these are crap inducing, rage fuelled zombies that run faster then light. You don’t need to be fast, you need to be proper fast! You don’t just need to be Peter Rabbit fast, you need the updated cbeebies Peter Rabbit fast! Plus I imagine him being pretty handy in finding food.

Well that’s my team to get me through the zombie apocalypse. What do you reckon my chances are?

Check out Father Lee Moments for his take on what cbeebies characters would be in his team during the zombie apocalypse.

Who would you include? 

*Obviously I may have played a little fast and loose with the term “character” at points.

Mrs Sofa checked out the advert for The Nintendo Switch, and didn’t say no… Its also out in the same month as her birthday…

Personally I quite like the apparent portability of it. Perfect for when you cat take over the lounge, but still want to be in the same space as other non-gaming people.

Can I get away with buying this for the wife as a birthday present?

Not Just Words

Love this from Raised By My Daughter on Facebook.


Not A Fan Of “Going Shopping” -You’re Not The Only One

Are you not a fan of “going shopping”?

Turns out you’re not the only one.

A recent study that has been conducted which reveals 53% of men have made an excuse to avoid going shopping with their partner and that the average guy will spend more than three weeks of their life waiting for their other half to shop, whereas women spend just over half that!


That’s according to a new study by Andrews Air Conditioning, who have also identified the top ten things people hate whilst shopping on the high street.

Continue reading

A Preschoolers View of The Great West Run in Exeter

While watching the The Great West Run in Exeter, The Little One let out a moment of deep comment on what she was watching.

#MySundayPhoto – Please Let Me In??

“I know I don’t live here, but I’m just going to stand on your threshold until you let me hang out with you guys.”


Goldie Lookin’ Chain Are Back And Tackling Fatherhood with ‘Pusherman’

Remember Goldie Lookin’ Chain? The comedy rap group from Wales that  had a hit ages ago with “Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do“?

They’ve released a new track embracing the world of Fatherhood called “Pusherman”…

Probably best not to watch this with Little People that may ask questions…

Conversations with a Tiny Person #2

A nugget of a conversation with a 4 year old about Autumn… and why she doesn’t like it*.

*Opinion may have changed at least 3 times since the above conversation took place.

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