How Long Do You Wait?

Imagine the situation: Your toddler leaves the Living Room heading towards the kitchen, making “I want food noises”. Question: How long do you wait until you go after the toddler? A) Nice and Quick! B) Do you wait, finish what you’re doing then go? C) Hang on… See if you can identify any noises… then RUN! D) Meh. […]

What’s The Noise?

Imagine the situation: The adults of the family are sat in the lounge, the toddler is out the room, and you hear a noise. Question: What Is the noise? A) The bin being turned inside out. B) The Fridge being emptied. C) Toys being thrown downstairs. D) The dishwasher being filled with your phone. E) […]

The Dad Book?

Ever had the feeling there’s a Dad Book? You know, some thing that says how to build the best train tracks, always be able to play catch, and contain the secret to getting home from work on time? Obviously, this book needs an answer to every “Why” question a child could possibly ask. It seems […]