What Parents Say | What Toddlers Hear (The BedTime Edition)

After seeing our toddler react in entirely the opposite way to what she asked last night at bedtime, I wondered if she just heard the exact opposite of other things we say at bed time. Heres a collection of other things that toddlers may hear differently to what was said.

What toddlers are told v what they hear - Bed Time

Any other examples?

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“Fun” with Soapy Foam from Bathtime Bubbles

Soapy Foam, for those who haven’t come across it yet, is a shaving foam like soap, which I guess is there to make bathtimes fun for little ones. So… we were using Soapy Foam from Bathtime Bubbles and… well… it seemed to keep going…

As the Soapy Foam seemed to have a life its own, we decided to avoid engulfing the little one in soap, and put it in the sink instead…

And it kept going….

After the little one came out of the bath, we figured we were running out of space in the sink so put it back in the bath. At that point, things became weird…

… but thankfully began to stop.

If you’d like a random bathtime experience, you can buy these from your local Sainsburys… I just wish I saw these reviews from their website before we brought it.

#MySundayPhoto – When Thomas The Tank Engine went to Cornwall

After a week off work, this could have been one of many photos.

This was taken during a day trip to Cornwall to see the little ones Great Granny. The trip included a visit to The Royal Oak in Perrenwell Station*, a wonder around the village, and a detour to Dartmoor on the way back.

Thomas went everywhere, and possibly saw everything.

*Great food there, if you get a chance it’s a pub that’s worth a visit!


Exploring The Devon Railway Centre 

Do you remember what it was like to enjoy trains? Did you ever think of them more then just a way to get from A->B? Is there a little one in your life that still likes trains? There’s a little place called the Devon Railway Centre next to the gorgeous Bickleigh Mill, that can be found somewhere between Exeter, and Tiverton that might be the place for your little one.

The Devon Rail Centre describes itself as a popular Devon tourist attraction, and I can see why. The Devon Rail Centre isn’t on the largest site, but there are plenty of attractions squeezed in there. The main one that got our attention as we made our way in, was the steam train that takes you around the park, where the driver gives kids of many ages the chance to punch tickets, to be the train guard, and you are not just limited to one journey. Handy if you have a little one that’s keen on trains!

Within a couple of train carriages, you’ll find a number of model railways, and outside you’ll also find a model village. Both the village, and the railways have push buttons that activate trains, trams, and other things, which seemed very exciting to our almost 3 year old. There is also a stack of stools for the children to use to see the displays.

There is also a play area found within the train carriages, which has an area for the under 3’s-with ride on bikes, a brio train play area, a MASSIVE sand box, and (in the words of our toddler) a “deep” ball pit.

There is also a soft play area, which from the map looks pretty big, but we decided to avoid this, as by the time we would have considered it, it was highly likely to be heaving and the inevitable ‘being dragged around’ did not sound like fun!

There were 3 outside climbing frames, one by the entrance, one near the picnic stop half way through the stream train journey and one near the cafe. We only went to the latter one, which was definitely enjoyed by our little one, even if it meant repeatedly helping her get up via the more difficult routes.

It’s definitely worth a visit with a train fan, especially if they are under 3 years, so they get in free. If your child is really keen, but pennies are limited, then ask the retired grandparents to take them, so that they can OAP rate! There is also an annual pass, which looks like a good idea if you would consider visiting a few times. There are plenty of places to sit and eat a picnic, or there are a few basic snacks/meals for sale in the cafe.

The important thing about this place, is that it’s fun, and if you’re with a little one who finds it exciting, you may, just for a moment, also find trains exciting again.

The Devon Railway Centre Website

Possibly the most Geeky Baby announcement ever?

Possibly the most Geeky Baby announcement ever?

Features references to Captain America, Star Wars, Harry Potter… and a few more….

Oh… and the language is a little NSFW… so be careful if watching around little ears…

Feel the Jungle Beat? 

Sometimes, the internet serves you something you wish you knew about ages ago. This month, that something is Jungle Beat. Jungle Beat is a dialogue free cartoon series, featuring different animals in simple situations – which seem to get more bizarre and chaos ridden as the episode goes on. It feels like the Jungle Beat cartoons have an school Road Runner cartoon influence – but that could just be me.

Jungle Beat seems to be shown on TV all over the place, except mainstream channels in the UK. Thats where the internet saves the day by giving us the Jungle Beat website, a home for the Jungle Beat cartoons online.

Launching today is the Jungle Beat game on the iTunes store, and the Google App store. There is a plot to it, featuring Baby Ostrich getting lost in the jungle, but I guess the important thing to note is that this seems to be a nice little platformer that I’m sure both kids (the game is aimed at children aged 4-11), and… older… casual gamers will enjoy.

Here’s the trailer for the game:

More information about the game, and download links can be found at the Jungle Beat game website.

Or if you just fancy some cartoons, check out the main Jungle Beat site.

Disclosure: A preview version of the game was supplied free, but opinions are my own.