The Many Ways Toddlers Dont Sleep

Sometimes, well, alot of the time, the toddler doesn’t seem to like going to sleep. Now dont get me wrong, once she is asleep, the toddler seems to enjoy being asleep. Its the stages before bed that seem to be a struggle, she knows whats coming, and its like she has a mental list of things to try in order to avoid going to bed.

I wondered what would be on a list of ways for Toddlers to avoid sleep.

1. Ask for one more Bing.
2. If the answer is not a yes, ask the other parent after giving them a big hug.
3. Play some trains.
4. Ask to read a book. They’re meant to say yes to that.
5. Ask for more food. (Fear that you’ll wake up hungry will motivate them to say yes)
6. Play “hide”
7. Talk about poo.
8. Ask for some Sarah and Duck.
9. Say Please.
10. Give everyone a really big hug.
11. Play with cool batman toys.
12. Try out that new word you’ve been working on.
13. Ask for more Bing (say Please this time)
14. Demand to be the one that turns of the TV.
15. Offer to clean up your toys.
16. Try getting food from the kitchen.
17. Insist on counting all the step, loose count, return to the bottom, try again.
18. When your half way up the stairs, demand to be carried up the stairs… from the bottom.
19. Play hide and seek amongst the upstairs rooms.
20. Want two separate tooth brushes to clean your teeth with.
21. Play hide and seek with the other parent.
22. Encourage parents to play hide and seek with each other.
23. Suggest now may be a good time to start potty training.
24. Run and hide when parent figure recommends nappy is taken off.
25. Repeat the above two steps.
26. Play the crazy Octopus game when the parents make you get into pyjamas.
27. Shout at your parents for forcing you into pyjamas.
28. Take off your pyjamas.
29. Repeat steps 26 – 28 untill you get bored.
30. Want at least two stories.
31. Ensure you pick the longer stories.
32. Demand toys for your bed, that “just happen to be down stairs”.
33. Change ends of the bed that you sleep on.
34. Want to hug each parent good night. Twice.

Is there any you could add?

Make Asthma medications exempt from NHS prescription charges.

Ok. I realise the internet is filled with requests to sign petitions, but I’m going to make a crack at saying why I’m asking you to sign one, asking for Asthma medications exempt from NHS prescription charges.

You know how you get ill, go to the doctors and get a prescription? You know how you take that prescription to the chemist, pay some money, take drugs home, use drugs and then get better. (In theory)

When you have asthma, its not unexpected to need multiple prescriptions, for multiple drugs, that you need to keep taking. This is to avoid the feeling of your chest becoming tighter, and struggling that little bit more for breath at times.

With that in mind, do me a favour, and sign this petition.


The petition at 38 degrees.

Sarah and Duck. A Few Questions.

Our Little One is a massive fan of two shows on Cbeebies. One of them is “Bing”, which I blogged about here, the other is Sarah and Duck. I admit, I’m ok with Sarah and Duck. There’s a sense of innocent joy mixed with humour that is captured in the episodes, which makes them fun to watch. Even more now that we have Sarah and Duck dvds, as this means we don’t have to switch between episodes on our DVR every 5 – 7 minutes.

As we watched the adventures of Sarah and Duck, Mrs Sofa, and I started asking ourselves a few questions about the world that Sarah and Duck live in…

If Sarah is 7 years old, why doesn’t she go to school?

I guess she’s kinda smart, even for the lack of school attendance, but I guess in a world where a cake can talk back to you, school must be quite interesting.

For all the scenes set at home, why don’t we see her parents?

Seriously. WHERE are they? Is she left home alone all day, with nothing but a duck for company?

IMG_0889.PNGIf Moon can be seen walking around the shop, where does the Sun go?

I kinda wonder why we don’t see Sun wandering around when its night. I guess its ok that we don’t have a massive ball of fire walking around the place… but what impact does moons actions have on the worlds tidal levels? What we don’t see, is that every time that Moon walks around the Big Shop, are there massive floods elsewhere?

How do children and birds understand each other so well?

I tried talking to a duck once.
It was a boring conversation. But people walking around me thought I was quackers.

Sarah and Duck - Eating BreadIsn’t bread meant to be bad for ducks?

Duck seems to be tired on a regular basis, maybe he’s just a bit poorly?

What is the narrator?

I have a few theories about this guy. Is he an invisible man? I did wonder if he’s God, and all the  characters can hear God really really well, but thats kinda deeply religious for a cbeebies show. Therefore I questioned if he was Sarah’s conscience, but the thing is, all the characters can hear him. This makes me wonder; Is all of this in Sarahs imagination?

The thing is, If Sarah and Duck is all simply set in Sarahs imagination, then that suggests that real life is a bit of a dark place for Sarah. And thats something that I’d prefer wasn’t true.

Sorry, that got a bit dark there towards the end.

Have you got any questions about the world of Sarah and Duck?


What My Fridge Says

Frozen Fever Trailer is Released… And theres only one way to watch it…

Well, there is more Frozen coming. Not a Frozen sequel – yet – but an animated short called Frozen Fever.

The Frozen Fever Trailer (Which should be seen above), previews a new song, and confirms what movie you’ll have to officially pay for in order to see Anna and Elsa again.

I guess that if kids start caring about another movie that might be a good thing right?

When Toddlers Climb…

Today, the toddler learnt a lesson. In order to get up to the sofa, its alot more fun to climb up daddy then it is to… well… climb up the sofa.

Today, I learnt that when a toddler climbs up you, you have a number of obvious areas that need a certain amount of defence.

And by obvious areas, I mean Nose… eyes… chest… trampoline stomach… neck,,,


The Dad Network

Dad Things That Dads Dont Get Told

“Has anyone warned you about the insomnia yet?” Asked a Dad-of-2 friend of mine after Church one morning.

I turned my sleep fuelled head to face him: “What”

It turned out, that after a while, for no good reason, Dads just struggle to sleep. I didn’t believe him. My head at that point, very much wanted to sleep very very soon after I hit the pillow, sofa, chair… Etc…

I never thought I would imagine I’d be laying here. Waiting to go to sleep.

Some nights, I’m kept awake by a mad amount of things flying through my head, other nights I’m simply not tired, these are nights like tonight. I creep into our room, and due to the sounds of a baby thinking about waking up, I have to ninja myself to my side of the bed.

By the time I’ve got here, I’ve found myself oddly awake.

Oh well.

Night all.

Do any other dads out there struggle to sleep, not because of the little one?

This is an edited version of an old post.


It’s Started. (The Battle of Why)

A conversation from earlier…

me: “Come on, let’s get something on your legs”
Little One: “Why?”
me: “Because I don’t want you to get cold.”
Little One: “Why?”
me: *sigh*

It doesn’t look like she is in full flow yet, but we are getting prepared for every little thing being questioned, with the occasional conversation turning into something like a pub quiz for the insane. For example, I can imagine her asking “Why is it raining?”

Though I guess smart phones make things like this easier then it used to be,  because lets face it. Most answers in life are now a google away.

Its just a matter of putting it in a way a two year old can understand.