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#MySundayPhoto – The Last Pickup

Its been one of those full weeks, where life has seemed to be filled with stuff.

This was taken during one of the more sweet moments, as I walked the Little One home from preschool for the last time, before she goes to Big School in September.

She wanted to stop, and wave to the train as it passed us.

Thankfully she was up for the bribe of a ice lolly from home – before heading back here. As opposed to waiting for 30 minutes on the bridge.



Checking out Greendale Farm near Exeter

When we went to Greendale Farm… No not as in Postman Pat, but the place near Exeter in Devon

One of the great things about Devon, is the amount of farm shops that are around the place. Obviously, the greater amount of alternative options there are, the more reasons the farm shop has to give you to go their place instead of the others.

After a short debate on where to go for a quick micro trip* near Exeter, we drove into Greendale Farm, and immediately made our way to the sparkling new playpark.

There’s only a photo of half the frame below, the other half included a few kids having loads of fun, sliding down and climbing up the slide. We discovered that the cafe brings food and drink you order out to the play area, (so no need to move).

Foodwise, we went cheap and had a portion of chips between the two of us, while the little one had a sandwich. After ordering we discovered they also have Gluten Free bread they can swap out, as well as Gluten Free cake! I may try the breakfast next time we visit Greendale Farm.

No visit is complete without saying hello to the various animals around the farm. There are animals from chickens and goats, to ostriches and red deer. Some of which you can stroke… others you may just want to say “hello” to.

What ever you do or eat when you’re there. Don’t forget to grab some ice cream. Trust me…

*Micro Trip, btw way is when you go out somewhere fun, but can still get back home in time to go to work.

Gruffalo Hunting At Haldon Forest Near Exeter

Are you looking for something to do with your little ones this weekend around Exeter in Devon? How about going Gruffalo Hunting at Haldon Forest?

Found just of the Devon Expressway, Haldon Forest is home to a number of activities (walkers will get use to avoiding the cyclists and Segways), and with the use of the Gruffalo Spotter app, you can now go a hunt the beast for yourself.

By loading up the Gruffalo Spotter app on your phone, and following the Discovery Trail, you can point your phone at special signs on route that will play a quick video clip on your phone, which appears to be taking place right in front of you. (Think something like “Pokemon Go”).

It added something different to our walk around, but our four year olds imagination was already fired up by the idea of looking for the Gruffalo and assorted friends.

To give you a flavour of what to expect, here are some photos from our explore around the imaginative world of Haldon Forest.

Yes that is also Stick Man above…

Find out more information about the Gruffalo Spotter App here at the website.