Gluten Free Places To Eat in Exeter, Devon

#MySundayPhoto – Exeter Cathedral

Working weekends at our place means your weekend is split in two. (Which can sometimes work well). This week, it meant that we got to go on a family shopping trip into Exeter City Centre, during which we stopped for a moment in the Cathedral Green. Where I felt the Exeter Cathedral had a particularly Hogwarts […]

Thank You.

It started Friday morning. I roused from my sleep, turned over and looked at my phone. It was earlier then I was expecting. I still decided to check Facebook. What I saw made me sit up, it was a video of the Art Gallery building on Cathedral Green on fire. As the morning progressed, it […]

The Joy Of A “Stay-cation”

It’s quite a predictable conversation really, you say to someone you’re going to be on holiday, they ask where you’re going, you say your staying at home, and that seems to be the end of the conversation. The thing is, yesterday, out on our bikes, chasing the small one around a nearby park, I don’t know […]