The iPhone. Ten Years On.

In case you don’t have an interest in all things iPhone, it has been 10 years since the original iPhone was released. Personally it doesn’t feel that long since we either had small… phones in our pockets, or were struggling with the bulkier smart phones of the time (Windows Mobile anyone?) To celebrate the tenth […]


Star Trek Discovery – Coming Soon!

Star Trek Discovery is coming soon to Netflix! Perhaps its the geek part of me. Maybe its the part of me that quite likes the more action oriented Star Trek Movies. It could be the concept of Jason Isaacs as the Captain? Or maybe I just have a thing for Netflix? But stuff the whole […]

A Digital Ghost?

Have you ever received a Facebook notification reminding nudging you to wish Happy Birthday to a deceased friend? It’s an odd experience, almost as if the internet is nudging you to hang out with an old friend. It’s almost, because any interaction is strictly one way. What if interaction could feel like its two way, and […]

Doctor Who – The Doctor Falls Review

I’m going to get the fan boyness out the way now. Simply put, I felt Doctor Who – The Doctor Falls was an outstanding season finale.  There’s obviously loads of spoilers below if you’ve not already seen the episode.   The pre-credit sequence felt a little jarring at first, moving the action away from the hospital […]