#MySundayPhoto – Christmas Lights

Three lessons of the week.

  1. Small one finds driving around looking at lights fairly boring. Walking and looking lights is entirely different.
  2. Taking a short cut over a park in the dark can seem fun. Letting small one go on the zip wire in the dark is also a nice fun “holiday thing” to do, but and this is the important bit, if you decide to go on the zip wire yourself, remember one simple trick. Hold On.
  3. Hitting your head as you fall off a zip wire isn’t a cool, hip, or trendy look on any Dad.

Its Men’s Health Week

Hey guess what? It seems its Men’s Health Week this week. Which I kinda didn’t realise until I saw a little something from TENA Men in my inbox.

I guess men are good at talking about things like… well beer and stuff. (As a signed up member of the introvert club* I’m not great at talking about much more than that.) We’re definitely not great at talking about heath.

To give us men a subtle chance to think about health, TENA have released the above infographic showing the amount of guys that seem to have trouble with “urine leakage” … and the chance to get some free TENA Men pads in case this includes you. Check out the TENA website if you fancy a free sample.

I’ve been compensated for the above. 

Time For A Personal MOT With TENA Men

Colds, Flu’s, and Stomach Bugs seem to have been flying through the Dad Sofa Household recently. This could be a good time for a health MOT with thanks to TENA Men.

Guys are traditionally not great at looking their health, I know I sometimes need to hassled to get myself checked out by the Doctor if I ever have any problems. To help me take health more seriously, TENA Men have created a health check MOT plan for guys to think about, they’ve also sent some stuff to help me carry out a successful MOT.

The TENA Men MOT looks at the following.

TENA Men - Health MOTVisibility is essential when driving, and it’s the same with everyday life. To help with this TENA Men have sent a voucher for Specsavers. I’ve visited Specsavers since I first needed glasses, and found the service they offer to be fantastic.

Steering & Suspension

As a car gets older we all notice those little creaks more and more. The same happens to our own body. That’s why it’s important to look after your joints and muscles. Stretch them out using the correct equipment to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine! TENA Men have sent out some resistant bands to help me stretch out the knots in my muscles.

And as my daughter has found out. They are not for throwing around the place.

Fuel SystemTENA Men - Health MOT

If you had a leaky exhaust you’d get it checked out right?

The TENA Men Absorbent Protector can help mop-up all those drips and dribbles to ensure you can go from 0-100 without any hiccups along the way. Urine leakage is often seen as one of the taboo subjects men are reluctant to think about or discuss, however it’s a common health experience that affects 1 in 4 men over the age of 40.

I guess the message from TENA Men is that there are somethings you should speak to your Doctor about.


Every man takes pride in making sure their car looks spic and span and this should be the same when it comes to your own appearance. To help me try and keep a bit of pride in my appearance, TENA Men sent a Wahl grooming pack. Which included a nasal trimmer, which Mrs Sofa wasted no time in grabbing, and attacking me with!

EmissionsTENA Men - Health MOT

Although it’s important to take care of the parts we can see. It’s also just as important to make sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, and its obviously the same with our bodies. To help, TENA have recommended I try out a cup or two of green tea. Reading up on it, it seems green tea is filled with antioxidants and nutrients which helps the body’s immune system. After spending 2017 either dealing with poorly family members, or feeling like death myself, I can use all the help I can get!

TENA Men - Health MOTTyres

Your tyres are checked for a number of things at an MOT, tyre pressure being one of them. A Fitbit is a fantastically addictive way of monitoring not just your heart pressure, but also the amount of steps you walk, how you sleep, and more.

As a side note, it seems that a well trained athlete’s resting heart rate is 40-60 bpm. Mine is a little higher.

How does yours compare? 

2017 hasn’t had the healthiest start for the Dads Sofa household. Hopefully with the above ideas from TENA Men, things might improve, not just for this year, but in the future as well.

Now please excuse me. I need to go and try out the green tea.



10 Ways To Feel Better on Blue Monday

Been feeling like crap?

Like really – more then having a bad day crap?

You are not alone.

January is generally known for being crap. Seriously, it seems its a mix of things.

To start with, Christmas is over. The bright lights, excitement, and seasonal greetings, are being replaced with dark nights, winter flu, and grumpy souls on the bus. Less mince pies, more salad. You’ve probably also realised those New Year Resolutions aren’t working.

In fact this month is so rubbish a few years ago a PR company coined the phrase Blue Monday to describe the tipping point of crappy feelings that people feel in this post festive gloom. In short, Blue Monday is meant to be the most depressing day of the year. This year Blue Monday is on Monday 16th January, the timing of which is worked out based on a complex formula involving all of the above mentioned issues, and probably more.

I guess “Blue Monday” is mostly rubbish, but January may be rubbish month for many people. It probably a good time to remind ourselves to look after our own mental health.

I’ve found this over at Social Work Tutor Facebook page, and wanted to share this in case it helps someone…

I guess, have a chat with your GP if you’re feeling depressed, stressed, anxious or whatever.

Or at least speak to someone.

Chat to someone online if that’s easier.

kooth.com and www.qwellcounselling.com

You are not alone.

Random Ways to Show Love and Acceptance.

So, lets face it. 2016 is an interesting year. With arguably negative political campaigns held on either side of the Atlantic, leading to negativity spilling out of the newspapers and impacting people in a real way. It feels like the world is leaving 2016 in a far more negative place then when it entered it.

I’m not going to write a full discourse looking at why this may be the case, instead I’m going to look at a few ideas of what could be done to improve matters. (There’s no way of phrasing the next sentence without being cheesy) How can we spread more love in 2016?

Read The Gruffalo…

Kids books are awesome, and the world needs more awesome. Try The Gruffalo for a flavour of awesome. Actually try anything from Julia Donaldson.

Volunteer For A Local Charity / Organization.


Because volunteers are awesome, and there’s probably something out there you’d like doing. (I personally know of opportunities to cook, and build lego.*) If nothing else, doing something good might help to improve your CV.

Write A Love Letter To A Stranger.

Like these guys…


Abundance redefined. ?? #LL2S

A photo posted by Love Letters 2 Strangers (@loveletters2strangers) on

Cook Your Neighbour A Meal.

Because who doesn’t love free food?

(Doesn’t have to look this nice)


Offer Free Hugs




Step 1. Order loads of these stickers from Amazon.facebook-like-sticker



Any other suggestions you’d like to share?

*These are two separate volunteer positions, at different places. There isn’t a magical place where you cook AND play with lego…. I dont think.

This post has also appeared on The Church Sofa.


Not A Fan Of “Going Shopping” -You’re Not The Only One

Are you not a fan of “going shopping”?

Turns out you’re not the only one.

A recent study that has been conducted which reveals 53% of men have made an excuse to avoid going shopping with their partner and that the average guy will spend more than three weeks of their life waiting for their other half to shop, whereas women spend just over half that!


That’s according to a new study by Andrews Air Conditioning, who have also identified the top ten things people hate whilst shopping on the high street.

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