#MySundayPhoto – Going Free Range

Going Free Range at Greendale farm

One of a couple of the chickens wondering around by the play area at Greendale Farm near Exeter in Devon. This picture was taken through the fencing around the edge of the play area.

Considering they have loads of really free range chickens in their fields, this guy and his friends must like the extra level of freedom or something.


#MySundayPhoto – Looking Up

This is from a brighter moment earlier this week; while we were playing playing on the trampoline the Little One kept looking up shouting, “Go Away! Go Away!”

I kept looking up and all I could see were these clouds.

It seems on closer inspection there were also a load of flies, way above both our heads.

But I kept paying attention to the clouds.



#MySundayPhoto – Balloons!!

A small sample of the balloons we blew up for the The Little Ones Birthday.

Two Hundred and Twelve this year, between myself, my brother in law, and the Little One saying yes… it looks like we’re planning for more next year…