There Some Places That Aren’t Great For Me… #MySundayPhoto

There are some places that, while pretty, probably aren’t great for. At least.
Not without the right amount of Hayfever meds.

This was taken minutes before by nose erupted, I wouldn’t stop sneezing, and my eyes… were almost begging to be scratched out…

Anyway. A quick trip to the chemists later, I know have Piriton to try out.


#MySundayPhoto – All The Yellow

It seemed like a good idea at the time,

Instead of stopping at the swings after school, I suggested;

“Lets count all the dandy lions on our way home!”

Counting. It seemed turned into “Lets pick up all the dandy lions Ever”

We got home, eventually. And had plenty of dandy lions to throw into our bug hotel.


#MySundayPhoto – Staying Dry

Yes. Another Umbrella photo from Princesshay in Exeter.

The story behind this, is that I was taking twenty to relax in an Ikea style lounge that had been set up in the middle of the shopping centre. I tried lingering to see if I could grab some freebies, but… well I had to run.

Was probably one of the weirder places to sit down in town.