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#MySundayPhoto – A Family Portrait? 

This is not an Announcement!

I repeat. This is not an Announcement!

Friday was a good day, work went well, I was well looked after by the NHS, and both myself and the good lady wife had both the Friday night – but also the entire weekend off.

It was also kinda surreal as well, and nothing was more surreal the being told about this picture, drawn by both the Little One and Granny.

A lovely family picture… That thing over Daddy?

That is Daddy having a baby…

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Trying out the Sony Xperia Z5

We spent Boxing Day this year having a “second Christmas Day” with my parents who live in a cottage somewhere in mid-Devon. As I knew there would be different light levels within the cottage, rolling Devonshire fields around us, and general amount of Christmas, I figured I would bring the Sony Xperia Z5 out for a test drive.

These photos are mostly a result of “point and click”, with the only editing being HDR filtering on the little scarecrow.

A proper review is on its way one day!

Sony Xperia Z5 leant by for review purposes.

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