#MySundayPhoto – Look at The Stars

This Friday, and it being the Friday after Bonfire night, we decided to go for a drive. We called itĀ an “adventure” to find fireworks. The “adventure” didn’t disappoint, as we accidently found ourselves in a prime viewing location for what turned out, to be The Little Ones first professional firework display.

Once the scariness of the loud noises had passed (by shouting BOO lots), she was left with simply looking with awe at the exploding stars above her.

No I didn’t use a flash when I took this photo. šŸ™‚


#MySundayPhoto – Bubbles and Celebrations


This weekend, we were lucky to be able to go along to a Naming Ceremony for our friends gorgeous daughter. It was a time of celebration, cake, a HUGE amount of balls in the ball pool, and bubbles.

Question. At what point in a childs life does the relationship end between celebrations and lots of bubbles?


#MySundayPhoto – Caution. Children.Ā 

An older image I found while updating my Instagram account over the weekend.

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#MySundayPhoto – When Thomas The Tank Engine went to Cornwall

After a week off work, this could have been one of many photos.

This was taken during a day trip to Cornwall to see the little ones Great Granny. The trip included a visit to The Royal Oak in Perrenwell Station*, a wonder around the village, and a detour to Dartmoor on the way back.

Thomas went everywhere, and possibly saw everything.

*Great food there, if you get a chance it’s a pub that’s worth a visit!