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“Getting Her To Sleep” #MySundayPhoto

“Poorly Little Santa wanted her friend to look after her while she was sleeping.
Lego Santa asked her friend to come and look after her…”

Check out the Tales From The Toyshelf Instagram page for more from Lego Santa and his family.




  1. Nothing quite like the imagination of children, a lovely insight into the scene here.

  2. Is that a lego baby?! I have never seen one of those before #MySundayPhoto

  3. I was wondering where her legs were then looked closer to see it was a baby Lego

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Obviously Santa and R2D2 are the only way to get to sleep 😉

  5. Haha great combination! Father Christmas & R2D2! Also I’ve never seen a Lego baby before! The instagram sounds so cool! Haha #MySundayPhoto

  6. Best babysitters ever lol. There’s nothing like lego to get the imagination flowing. xx #mysundayphoto

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