Hide away the TV. The Teletubbies are returning.

Run. Hide away the TV. The Teletubbies are returning.

According to Mashable:

Just as we were recovering from that horrifying video of the Teletubbies in black-and-white, the sinister foursome are back again, with Jim Broadbent as a talking trumpet and Absolutely Fabulous’ Jane Horrocks as the “tubby phone.”

The actors are set to be joined by Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton when Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po return to BBC program CBeebies later this year.

The rebooted version of the show will stay true to its original run, which saw around a billion children in 120 countries tune in between 1997 and 2001, with the same characters and style but “a refreshed and contemporary look,” according to producers.

Cant CBeebies just give us more “In The Night Garden”? Isn’t that basically a less annoying version of Teletubbies?

2 comments on “Hide away the TV. The Teletubbies are returning.

  1. I have to share the terrible truth that I was a tiny bit excited when I saw this. WHAT is wrong with me? My smallest brother used to be obsessed with it and we’d have a constant repeat of tellytubbies-postman pat-tellytubbies….

  2. My daughter recently went through a spate of watching the “tubbies” on Netflix (no idea why at nearly 6 I thought that was well behind us) so will be interesting to see what happens here.

    Oh and I hated the original shows, my first born was alive for the first airing of many and they sucked the life out of me every time I had to watch them!

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