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#MySundayPhoto – Looking At The New Exeter Ikea


The view over where the new Exeter Ikea will be found.

Anyone up for some meatballs?


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    1. IKEA in Exeter?
      Oh yes!

  1. Oh excellent, currently we have to go to Bristol to replenish things like highchairs for the business. Exeter will be half the distance

  2. You could make this a weekly photo as the place goes up. Be interesting to see it taking shape.

  3. I’m a big fan of their hot dogs!

  4. Enjoy Ikea when it arrives! I like the focus of this image and the way it’s been edited. It almost looks like the scene has been made with toys. #MySundayphoto

  5. Ooh it will be a thing of beauty once its finished – Just think of all that amazing storage 🙂

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