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#MySundayPhoto – Relaxing in The Sun 

#MySundayPhoto – Relaxing in The Sun 

At least one “person” seems to be relaxing in the sun…


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  1. Cats manage to look so relaxed in the most uncomfortable looking spots, they do like to be high up though.

  2. If you could look up “content” in a dictionary this’ll be it
    Happy, sleepy and looking very content with life, even if he is a little precariously balanced!
    Great shot

  3. If that isn’t the perfect photo for a perfect Sunday.

  4. My dog manages to fall asleep in crazy positions, maybe not quite so adventurous places though! #mysundayphoto

  5. Ah bliss. Wish I was able to have a nap like that

  6. He certainly looks comfy! He also looks very much like our big ginger cat…. I wonder if he’s as naughty as ours is?

  7. That is one increadably relaxed pussy cat. #mysundayphoto

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