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#MySundayPhoto – The View Over Exeter, Devon

#MySundayPhoto – The View Over Exeter, Devon

We took a quick trip after preschool to take in the view over Exeter.
We arrived just in time to see this spectacular sight of the sunset catching the mist under the hills.




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  1. Hi Andy , what a beautiful photo. It could be a painting. I grew up in Exeter, but haven’t been back for a while, I would love to get back and explore the countryside again, it’s been too long.


  2. What a stunning pic. Those colours! ❤️ #MySundayPhoto

  3. What a stunning view, the colour are just gorgeous

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Great composition and colour.

  5. Wow that’s an amazing afternoon sky. I’ve been stuck at work for most of last week and haven’t seen much daylight

  6. Oh, the colours on this are amazing.

  7. What a fantastic spot and a truly great piece of photography


  8. wow this is stunning! What a magical view – definitely worth the trip

  9. Wow! Gorgeous photo. Know where I’d rather be than sat at my desk!

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