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#MySundayPhoto – Welcome To The Summer? 

#MySundayPhoto – Welcome To The Summer? 

It’s been hot…

Made it down to Darts Farm, just outside of Exeter.

Was hot there as well, but at least managed to pick up cider. Which was useful… (if a little upsetting to my wallet)

This photo is of the Maize Maze slowly growing at Darts Farm.


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  1. Love the brightness of the colours and the lines in this shot. Feels like a proper summery picture!

  2. Great shot that radiates heat. It really is a great summer photograph. I especially like the line up of trees 😀

  3. Beautiful with those bright colours and clean cut lines. This photo is so simple yet works so well. I love it.

  4. Lovely photo. I love the trees all in a line #silentsunday

  5. This screams Summer, that bright blue sky helps

    Thank you for linking up

  6. This just symbolises the beginning of summer doesn’t it!? Lovely image

  7. It’s hot here too but that Maze will be fun when it’s grown #MySundayPhoto

  8. Ahh! What a glorious day and a fantastic photo…It just screams summer x #MySundayPhoto

  9. What a beautiful blue sky. I love maize mazes, I bet that’s going to be great fun once it’s grown!

  10. Fab Picture!
    Cider is always great in the sun!

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