How Toddlers Make You Late

It seems to be a universal truth about parenting. A truth that you don’t need to be a parent to know.  Toddlers make you late to places. It almost doesn’t matter where you’re going, if you have a toddler… the chances are you will be late exiting that door. After a particularly “interesting” attempt at […]

The Terror of Kids TV

What if kids TV were horror stories? So this little picture was doing the rounds around Twitter the other day. The sight of the Teletubbies walking over Teletubby land in black and white, presents a former kids favourite as a sinister horror show, making us all question our memories of that brightly coloured TV show. It also made me […]

Missing. One Bing Bunny.

Dear CBeebies, We seem to be missing a Bing Bunny. He was last seen on the CBeebies Playtime app, but seems to have been eaten by some dog thing. Please return him to us, either where he was last seen, or in a whole new game / app. Yes I would pay any ransom to get […]

Watching Bing on Cbeebies

Our Little One is very very much into watching Bing on Cbeebies, and because of the series record feature on our YouView… she seems to have discovered the joys of binge watching Bing. Obviously this means I have also discovered the joys of watching Bing (and learning how to make the most use of its […]