From Before You Were Four.

The Little One is four today. Four! She is growing from a toddler to a preschooler to an actual little person within a blink of an eye. Time seems to be rushing forward, and before I know it she’ll be going to big school and everything!

Taking inspiration from Al over The Dad Network I thought I would blog a list of things that my daughter (probably) wouldn’t remember, but I would.

Instead, I figured I would take a photo of my notes, and save the notebook on a shelf somewhere.

So Little One… Here are a collection of memories from before you were 4. 


So I had some help with writing Fathers Day Cards…

For those paying attention, it’s probably not a surprise if I say that things have been a bit busy over the last week and a bit. After all, the Saturday before last featured a CBT, there has been general work stuff, the “Mums The Word” event in Exeter, the youth work summit in Kent, and then… There was Father’s Day.

By the time it got to Fathers Day, I kinda tired. It was also my mums birthday… Just to keep things busy, and as the Good Lady Wife needed to work, I was left to find some words to go in their cards…

Thankfully I had a little minion to help me.