What Parents Say… When They Become Parents

There are many things that people don’t prepare you for when you become a parent. One of those things, is just how bizarre life as a parent can be! And, as life is bizarre, you find yourself saying bizarre things to your kids… Here is a small collection of things  that  have come out of our mouths…

  1. Don’t drop Jesus.
  2. If you like snot, you’ll love parsnip.
  3. You pee’d on the doggy?
  4. It was a fun experiment, but doggy got “got”.
  5. That’s fine. Just draw on Jesus.
  6. Why have you got an Iggle Piggle in your mouth?
  7. Look at you! You’re riding a cow!
  8. It’s a shower head, not a tooth brush.
  9. Try not to pee in the cake. That’s the general idea.
  10. Don’t eat the baby!

Have you caught yourself saying anything bizarre to your kids?