Last Minute World Book Day Costume Ideas

Looking for last minute World Book Day costume ideas?

Have you just realised that World Book Day has arrived? Well if you’re stressed and need actual last minute ideas for costumes, then you may want to try somewhere else. Well if you’ve given up caring about World Book Day, and just want to make a token effort, this is the list of World Book Day Costume Ideas for you:

A Last Minute R2D2 Costume?

A Last Minute R2D2 Costume For World Book Day


AKA, a really big box that covers the whole child. Bonus points if the box is blue.

(Pro tip, cut some eye holes in it. Obviously….without said child in the box…)

Paper Dolls

Take some paper.

Cut it up

Stick it your child.

Low and behold, you have a paper dolls outfit. AND you are REALLY artistic!

Have the worlds WORST Frozen costume.

Take some ice cubes.

Cover your child in them.

VOILA Frozen!

(Please dont really do this)

Wear Sausages For World Book Day!

Peppa Pig costume any one?

Have you got any ideas you would add?

Kids Don’t Come With A Manual

A while back, the good lady wife commented that the massive downside with having kids was the lack of an instruction manual. You see we were finding that the rules of parenting were changing almost daily, and at that age, communication wasn’t our little ones strong point. If an instruction manual came with the labour process, we may have had a smoother time of it.  “Kids Don’t Come With A Manual”, taps into this sort of thinking.

If you were to pick up an instruction manual for something in the home, you wouldn’t expect pages and pages of theory into why you should use that item in a particular way, you would hope to get good practical step by step information.

Thats what you get with, “Kids Don’t Come With A Manual”. Where some parenting books would present you with one look at how to parent, and long academic reasons why the author is right, “Kids Don’t Come With A Manual” gives you a view from two contrasting parenting views. Then gives practical and step by step guides in how to balance these approaches.

These guides cover a range of issues that parents can, and do come across such as: power struggles within family relationships, connecting with your children, being a good role model, dealing with “‘misbehaviour”, and a number of others.

The second part of the book takes advice from the above general “issues”, and applies the advice in a structured troubleshooting section, designed to help with the more stressful moments of having a kid. This section helps you to troubleshoot issues such as sibling violence, tantrums, swearing, and more.

This is a book that offers structured  approaches to parenting, and can be used as a guide to offer advice in many situations that you may find yourself. Possibly best kept as a reference book on the shelf, rather then sitting down to read. But who sits down to read an entire instruction manual in one sitting anyway?

Kids Don’t Come With A Manual is available from

The above book was given in return for a review. The opinions are genuine.