Instagram To Allow Breastfeeding Photos

Heres a little bit of news that may interest any breastfeeding mums / dads of breastfed kids who have instagram, according to The Huffington Post:

It’s now crystal clear: You are not allowed to harass people on Instagram, and you’re generally not allowed to show your nipples if you’re a woman.

An update to the Facebook-owned social network’s community guidelines Thursday contains stronger, more specific language than before, outlining in detail what users are allowed to post on the popular photo-sharing platform.

In a change from its previous rules, Instagram now states when nudity is allowed and explicitly banishes harassment. It also specifically notes that breastfeeding photos are allowed, bringing it in line with Facebook’s policy on the matter.

Previously, Instagram’s guidelines — still viewable on an archived page — were vague, with language like “keep your clothes on” and “be respectful.” They didn’t specifically reference breastfeeding, either. Now, Instagram’s rules are considerably more precise.

Read the rest over at The Huffington Post.

If you’re wondering why I care, I simply saw the good lady wife put a load of effort into breastfeeding when our LO was younger, and figure that breast feeding mums shouldn’t have any breast feeding photos they may share blocked.

As we’re talking about instagram, I can be found on instagram here. (Warning: May feature Lego)

Fantastic Picture Outside Cakeadoodledo, Exeter

From their twitter account.

I guess if you want a place where people of all ages are comfortable to eat without the need of an attention grabbing napkin, (and fear of a UKIP member suggesting they go in the corner), then Cakeadoodledo may be your place.

If you’re interested in more information about cakes and things they have, check out