Feel the Jungle Beat? 

Sometimes, the internet serves you something you wish you knew about ages ago. This month, that something is Jungle Beat. Jungle Beat is a dialogue free cartoon series, featuring different animals in simple situations – which seem to get more bizarre and chaos ridden as the episode goes on. It feels like the Jungle Beat cartoons have an school Road Runner cartoon influence – but that could just be me.

Jungle Beat seems to be shown on TV all over the place, except mainstream channels in the UK. Thats where the internet saves the day by giving us the Jungle Beat website, a home for the Jungle Beat cartoons online.

Launching today is the Jungle Beat game on the iTunes store, and the Google App store. There is a plot to it, featuring Baby Ostrich getting lost in the jungle, but I guess the important thing to note is that this seems to be a nice little platformer that I’m sure both kids (the game is aimed at children aged 4-11), and… older… casual gamers will enjoy.

Here’s the trailer for the game:

More information about the game, and download links can be found at the Jungle Beat game website.

Or if you just fancy some cartoons, check out the main Jungle Beat site.

Disclosure: A preview version of the game was supplied free, but opinions are my own. 




Sarah and Duck. A Few Questions.

Our Little One is a massive fan of two shows on Cbeebies. One of them is “Bing”, which I blogged about here, the other is Sarah and Duck. I admit, I’m ok with Sarah and Duck. There’s a sense of innocent joy mixed with humour that is captured in the episodes, which makes them fun to watch. Even more now that we have Sarah and Duck dvds, as this means we don’t have to switch between episodes on our DVR every 5 – 7 minutes.

As we watched the adventures of Sarah and Duck, Mrs Sofa, and I started asking ourselves a few questions about the world that Sarah and Duck live in…

If Sarah is 7 years old, why doesn’t she go to school?

I guess she’s kinda smart, even for the lack of school attendance, but I guess in a world where a cake can talk back to you, school must be quite interesting.

For all the scenes set at home, why don’t we see her parents?

Seriously. WHERE are they? Is she left home alone all day, with nothing but a duck for company?

IMG_0889.PNGIf Moon can be seen walking around the shop, where does the Sun go?

I kinda wonder why we don’t see Sun wandering around when its night. I guess its ok that we don’t have a massive ball of fire walking around the place… but what impact does moons actions have on the worlds tidal levels? What we don’t see, is that every time that Moon walks around the Big Shop, are there massive floods elsewhere?

How do children and birds understand each other so well?

I tried talking to a duck once.
It was a boring conversation. But people walking around me thought I was quackers.

Sarah and Duck - Eating BreadIsn’t bread meant to be bad for ducks?

Duck seems to be tired on a regular basis, maybe he’s just a bit poorly?

What is the narrator?

I have a few theories about this guy. Is he an invisible man? I did wonder if he’s God, and all the  characters can hear God really really well, but thats kinda deeply religious for a cbeebies show. Therefore I questioned if he was Sarah’s conscience, but the thing is, all the characters can hear him. This makes me wonder; Is all of this in Sarahs imagination?

The thing is, If Sarah and Duck is all simply set in Sarahs imagination, then that suggests that real life is a bit of a dark place for Sarah. And thats something that I’d prefer wasn’t true.

Sorry, that got a bit dark there towards the end.

Have you got any questions about the world of Sarah and Duck?


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