Goldie Lookin’ Chain Are Back And Tackling Fatherhood with ‘Pusherman’

Remember Goldie Lookin’ Chain? The comedy rap group from Wales that  had a hit ages ago with “Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do“?

They’ve released a new track embracing the world of Fatherhood called “Pusherman”…

Probably best not to watch this with Little People that may ask questions…

The Am I Ready To Be A Dad Test?

Well it seems that someone has come across The Dads Sofa after doing a Google search for “am i ready to be a dad test”, so I figured I’ll actually write one. I guess the important question to answer on a “ready to be a dad test” really is simply:

“I’m I Ready to be a Dad?”

Answer: No you’re not.

I once heard that, Mums become a Mum when they become pregnant. Dads on the other hand really only become a Dad when they see their kid for the first time. Whilst I dont fully agree with that sentiment, I think it helps to illustrate my point that sometimes Dads just need to hold their little one for the first time to really feel like a Dad.

The thing is, if you’re looking for a test to see if you’re ready to be a dad, you’ve probably realized its a challenge, and by looking for validation on your dad credentials from Google, I would like to bet you may not feel 100% confident about it.

Which suggests to me that you are not an idiot and that you care.

And thats a damn good start.

This is a slightly edited version of an old post. 

The Dad Book?

Ever had the feeling there’s a Dad Book?

You know, some thing that says how to build the best train tracks, always be able to play catch, and contain the secret to getting home from work on time?

Obviously, this book needs an answer to every “Why” question a child could possibly ask.

It seems that Calvins Dad has this Dad Book!

Dad Book of knowledgeWheres my copy?


Doctor Who Life Advice To Tell Your Children.

She was looking up it. It was looking down at her. All of a sudden, I couldn’t help but say “If the Shop Dummy starts moving by itself, then run. Quick.” Whilst I thought that this was important Doctor Who inspired life advice to give the little one, the good lady wife didn’t seem to convinced. I still couldn’t help but wonder what other nuggets of life advice could be learned from watching Doctor Who.

Know when to say Goodbye

Remembering people we’ve lost is ok.

If shop window dummies start moving. Run.

Does that plastic chair feel alive? Probably best not to sit on it.

Always do the best you can. Particularly when fighting monsters.

If you want to wear a fez. Wear a fez. (But people may remove it from you)

Times change. So must I. (or something like that anyway)

Fear. Doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Any more out there?