Dad. The Hero!

We’ve had a close call before involving The Little One, and a small gap which featured her head. Thankfully the gap featured two movable worktops, and we managed to get her out of there. This little guy looks proper stuck until his hero dad comes along.

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Have you ever had to save a trapped small one?

Dad Things That Dads Dont Get Told

“Has anyone warned you about the insomnia yet?” Asked a Dad-of-2 friend of mine after Church one morning.

I turned my sleep fuelled head to face him: “What”

It turned out, that after a while, for no good reason, Dads just struggle to sleep. I didn’t believe him. My head at that point, very much wanted to sleep very very soon after I hit the pillow, sofa, chair… Etc…

I never thought I would imagine I’d be laying here. Waiting to go to sleep.

Some nights, I’m kept awake by a mad amount of things flying through my head, other nights I’m simply not tired, these are nights like tonight. I creep into our room, and due to the sounds of a baby thinking about waking up, I have to ninja myself to my side of the bed.

By the time I’ve got here, I’ve found myself oddly awake.

Oh well.

Night all.

Do any other dads out there struggle to sleep, not because of the little one?

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The Dad Book?

Ever had the feeling there’s a Dad Book?

You know, some thing that says how to build the best train tracks, always be able to play catch, and contain the secret to getting home from work on time?

Obviously, this book needs an answer to every “Why” question a child could possibly ask.

It seems that Calvins Dad has this Dad Book!

Dad Book of knowledgeWheres my copy?