Coupling on Netflix!

Coupling on Netflix

Sharing this, as I’m far to excited by finding Coupling on Netflix.

This british comedy from Steven Moffat was a little bit like Friends, but British in flavour, and was THE comedy of my university days. And Steves rants (as shown above) were one of the many highlights…

Now Steven Moffat is leaving Doctor Who, and there is no sign of new Sherlock anytime soon, perhaps there is a chance for Coupling?

10 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Watched Too Much Cbeebies

10 Ways You Can Tell You've Watched Too Much Cbeebies

Are you? Is your little one a fan of Cbeebies? Is Cbeebies your favourite way of getting a little bit of peace during the day? Do you catch yourself enjoying Cbeebies a bit too much? Do you feel you know the Bing episodes a bit too much? Here are 10 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Watched Too Much Cbeebies!

  1. You were disappointed when you found out Topsy and Tim weren’t twins.
  2. Quoting kid shows to people who have no idea what you’re on about.
  3. You understand the links between Tree Fu Tom and Doctor Who.
  4. When loading up episodes on the DVR / iPlayer, you catch yourself knowing as much about the episodes as your kid does.
  5. Thinking someone you see in public looks like Mr Bloom.
  6. Multiple theme tunes stick in your head.
  7. You wonder if Captain Jacks Boat, is a unwritten episode of Doctor Who.
  8. Somehow, you caught yourself looking forward to that Mr Tumble Live they did…
  9. You cant help but wonder about the change in hair styles between Katie presenting “I Can Cook”, and the linking sections between shows.
  10. You take into account the names on Cbeebies when choosing future kids names. ( EG You avoid Tom, because of Tree Fu Tom – Topsy and Tim are taken – Bing is well out)

Are there any ways you can add?

Doctor Who Twitter Account Regenerates Into One Big Tease

This evening, the Doctor Who Twitter Account has tweeted that they have some HUGE Doctor Who news…

Then they troll us with…

They even reassure panicking fans…

Which just winds people up more…

I’d place my bets on another Doctor turning up at some point this series.

Just ideal speculation. Please don’t quote me…

That was a stupid guess… The announcement was unveiled in this tweet:


The Dads Sofa List of #topTVdads. (@CurrysPCWorld)

To celebrate the upcoming Fathers Day, Currys have asked bloggers to list their top TV Dads.

As this is also part of a competition to win a very sweet TV, I figured I would join in. I would admit, it wasn’t easy – Dads aren’t shown in the greatest of light in the media, but hopefully you enjoy my list of Dads I settled on…

Jack Geller

Yes. The Dad from Friends. In a TV Show that many people growing up in the 90s / 2000s grew up with, Jack Geller was one character that some how managed to be simultaneously clueless, yet totally on the ball. A man without a clue, yet he actually knew all that was happening. A man of few words… and the words he said often were not great.

There was one constant, even though he screwed up every now and then – he loved his kids.

Wilfred “Wilf” Mott

Doctor Who, a TV series that has been going for over 50 years featuring a character that is described in the show as “…like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun… ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the universe.” It’s no wonder that we never got to see a father figure in the Doctors life.

Then we met “Wilf”. The Grandpa of the Doctors companion, these two seemed to hit it off from the moment they first met, to having the ability to have this father / son style chat:

Darth Vader

Hear me out on this, but there is a point of view that Darth is a good father, that is trapped in an impossible situation. Empire Strikes Back is filled with evidence that shows this:

  1. He tests that being frozen in carbonite will not kill his son, by testing it on his daughters boy friend.
  2. Darth totally had Luke on the walk way (in the below clip), if he really wanted to kill he really could have done.
  3. (In the below clip) When Luke was hanging out on the edge, Darth was holding out his hand to help. Could we even argue that Luke was throwing a toddler-like strop by backing away from him?

There’s also that bit in “Return of The Jedi” where he kills his obviously well paying boss in order to help his son out.

Could Darth Vader in fact be the best TV Dad* ever?


*I’m arguing that Darth Vaders appearance in the TV special “Star Wars Holiday Special”, and upcoming Star Wars Rebels episodes, qualifies him as a “TV Dad”.

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson. Man. Husband. Father. Legend.

Not a great cook.

Homer is there for those guys who are caught between just wanting a quiet life, and wanting to do the right thing for the people he loves. Whilst you wonder at times if he wanted a wife and kids, he’s still going to try and look after them. His relationship with Bart might be “interesting” at times, but when he upsets Lisa, he’ll do anything to make it right.

Its the episodes that focus on Maggie, that show us what Homer is really willing to do for his family. This is a guy that will stay in a job that he hates, in order to look after them. And its photos of Maggie that give him hope, that he’s doing the right thing.

I think, Maggie, who never talks in the series… kinda knows:


Brian Williams

The seventh series of Doctor Who included the storyline of the Doctors companions trying to juggle a normal life while travelling with the Doctor. While the Doctor symbolised their life amongst the stars, we met the guy that symbolised their life at home.

Brian Williams, a normal bloke. Helpful. Practical. Trustworthy. Useful around the house, and a waterer of plants. A guy that loved his son and daughter in law. In the short time we knew him, the Dad of Rory Williams showed himself to be a bit of a legend.

Because he felt it was best for them, he convinced Amy and Rory to keep travelling with the Doctor.

He never saw them again. Amy and Rory became stuck in New Yorks past, and died there.

Brian Williams, only found out about the death of his son (and the existence of a Grandson) in this unfilmed scene.

The immediate acceptance of the new family member, shows what being a dad is all about. (Yes… I may welling up with big manly tears at the above)

Who would you have included in your list of top TV Dads?

Please see the currys website for further details on the competition.

In her imagination

Tonight I witnessed a conversation between An Adipose from Doctor Who, Duck from Sarah and Duck, and a random black cat toy*.

Such a conversation can only happen in the imagination of a two year old right?

Obviously this wasn’t a real conversation…

Doctor Who Life Advice To Tell Your Children.

She was looking up it. It was looking down at her. All of a sudden, I couldn’t help but say “If the Shop Dummy starts moving by itself, then run. Quick.” Whilst I thought that this was important Doctor Who inspired life advice to give the little one, the good lady wife didn’t seem to convinced. I still couldn’t help but wonder what other nuggets of life advice could be learned from watching Doctor Who.

Know when to say Goodbye

Remembering people we’ve lost is ok.

If shop window dummies start moving. Run.

Does that plastic chair feel alive? Probably best not to sit on it.

Always do the best you can. Particularly when fighting monsters.

If you want to wear a fez. Wear a fez. (But people may remove it from you)

Times change. So must I. (or something like that anyway)

Fear. Doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Any more out there?




Doctor Who – The Feast of Steven

Well, here’s a little something. Back during the third season of Doctor Who, I mean during the “classic” years, a 12 part Dalek epic had an interlude on Christmas Day called “The Feast of Steven”.

Featuring no Daleks, but a lot of weirdness, its one of the lost Doctor Who episodes.

If you watch it, please dont complain to me about the last half of the episode. I said it was weird…