When The Police Play Frozen

I love this video clip showing a police car in the middle of an American snow storm.

What other music would you expect to hear from it?


What If Elsa Was The Villain in Frozen?

Does your little one like Frozen?

Have you lost count of the amount of times you’ve sat down and watched Frozen?

Could a chorus of “Let It Go” appear at any moment?

Have you ever wondered, what if Elsa was the villain? I mean… a really nasty,,, villain?

Somebody has…

Does anyone else want to hear a full length version of Let It Go, sung like that?

Just me…?

Frozen Fever Trailer is Released… And theres only one way to watch it…

Well, there is more Frozen coming. Not a Frozen sequel – yet – but an animated short called Frozen Fever.

The Frozen Fever Trailer (Which should be seen above), previews a new song, and confirms what movie you’ll have to officially pay for in order to see Anna and Elsa again.

I guess that if kids start caring about another movie that might be a good thing right?