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When Darth May Called The Election…

Darth May was confused why people were questioning why she called an election.

Her Publicity Machine made it quite clear…

#MySundayPhoto – A Question…

There are some questions, that I just don’t have the answer to. Thankfully I’ve not had to handle this sort of conversation yet.
But I’m not sure if I’ll have an answer for it when the time comes either.


#MySundayPhoto – Cider Break

Its a little complicated, and not a short story, but we brought a new bike from Halfords for the Little One today.

After the fun of choosing, racing around the store, and walking out Halfords with the new bike, we took it for a test drive down on the Exeter Canal. Double Locks was the obvious place for a cider break rest place.

Please see Tales From The Toyshelf, if you’re confused about the Lego guys.



“Getting Her To Sleep” #MySundayPhoto

“Poorly Little Santa wanted her friend to look after her while she was sleeping.
Lego Santa asked her friend to come and look after her…”

Check out the Tales From The Toyshelf Instagram page for more from Lego Santa and his family.



#MySundayPhoto – Waiting For Santa

Some weeks, are better Photo weeks then others.

This wasn’t the greatest photo week.

But I did find this on a hard drive somewhere…



#MySundayPhoto – President Darth. Coming Soon.

My own little reaction to the results of the US election, that I originally posted on The Tales From The Toyshelf.

(No offence to Trump voters intended!)


#MySundayPhoto – Finding Hope?

A little something I took for the Tales From The Toy Shelf instagram page.

The instagram page has a character who is searching for Hope. This is where hope may be found.


#MySundayPhoto – Playing at The Park

We’ve set up a Lego shelf, using a theme of a park, with a tellytubby style green hill background.

The little one has moved onto to playing with other things, but at least this little guy seems happy.

(Note. The Little One has moved onto playing with lightsabers, and Star Wars cartoons – I am NOT complaining!)


#MySundayPhoto – A Good Day To Go Hunting 

Taken during a birthday trip to The Orange Elephant in Devon.

Up on being given the chance to choose what she wanted to do for her birthday, the little one decided to do the Maize Maze at Orange Elephant. As it’s the last weekend they’re open for the year, we went for it.

The question now is, where shall we go for ice cream in Devon now?

Even if the sun isn’t shining like this today, I hope you have a good day.


#MySundayPhoto – Exploring The Unknown

Some more Lego Photography.

You can see more by looking for Tales From The Toyshelf on Facebook and Instagram.

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