#MySundayPhoto – Hello Puppy…

Well, not really a puppy.
Not any more. He’s grown up since he was a puppy.

A slightly older photo as the Sofa family has been kinda filled with colds and flu over the last week – therefore fun things like Blog and Photography is starting to slow down… Hopefully normal service will be restored one day!


“Getting Her To Sleep” #MySundayPhoto

“Poorly Little Santa wanted her friend to look after her while she was sleeping.
Lego Santa asked her friend to come and look after her…”

Check out the Tales From The Toyshelf Instagram page for more from Lego Santa and his family.



Sunset Over The River Exe in Exeter – #MySundayPhoto

The sunset over The River Exe in Exeter, Devon.

Taken after an afternoon of exploring around Exeter Quay with the little one. I would have played around to get a few photos from a lower angle… but I needed to stop the LO from wondering to far.



Sunsetting Over Devon #MySundayPhoto *

Christmas 2016 was spent at our “countryside retreat” (aka my parents place), a chance to enjoy some countryside air and you know… chill out as much as you can when you have a 4 year old.

I loved this image of the sun starting to set over the Devon countryside, and thought it was a good photo to act as my last Sunday Photo* of 2016.

Thinking about it… I cant remember editing this…

*Yeah… I know its not Sunday yet – but its a long weekend…