VR Games To Train New Parents

The other week, I came across an offer to pick up some VR glasses. Now while they were only the cardboard glasses you can get, they are still… kinda cool. They still show you a little bit of what VR can do.

After trying them out, Mrs Sofa and I chatted about how VR could be used, and if VR could be used to help train new parents in… well parenting*.

Here’s our ideas for VR games that could be used to train new parents.

  1. Nappy Change: How quick can you change a nappy? Multiple goes unlock bigger and messier poo’s.
  2. 300 Metre Challenge. Experience the blind terror of carrying a small child to the nearest toilet – before time runs out.
  3. Child Chase. You find yourself in a supermarket. Your child has just ran around the corner. The game is to find a route to your kid before untold destruction is unleashed on the shop… and you have to pay.
  4. Sleep Deprivation Quiz. Live the life of a tired dad on a night shift at work. Can you tell the difference between sleep deprived related hallucinations, and real life?
  5. Toy Hunt. You find yourself in a large open world layout of a local town centre. Somewhere in one of the shops is your child’s favourite toy. Find said toy, before the time runs out!
  6. Night Feeds. Can you put the current amount of mixture into your babies bottle? Was it four spoonfuls? Was it three? Do you remember? Are you still asleep? Are you still hallucinating??
  7. Supermarket Race. Can you race around a supermarket, before your child runs off / throws self on floor / steals sweets / hides in the freezer…
  8. The Zip Wire. Join in your child’s zip wire fun at the park! Don’t fall off!!
  9. Chocolate Challenge: Can you open the packet of chocolate without your child hearing? (Spoiler. You will never be able to – You CAN NOT BEAT THIS GAME!!!!)
  10. Tidy Up Hell: This game places you in a room with shelves against the wall, and stuff on the floor. Each time you turn around to deal with the other shelf, you realise that what you have just picked up – is back on the floor.
    See how long you can last repeating this before you scream and rage quit.

Have you got any ideas, that you would add?

*Or at least be a tool in putting people off having kids yet.

What My Fridge Says

Parenting lessons from Star Wars

May the 4th be with you.

Today is Star Wars day, the day that the Internet celebrates the awesomeness of all things Star Wars.

I wondered if I should mark the occasion in anyway, and wondered what slant a Dad Blog should take on Star Wars.

Therefore I have looked at what  parenting lessons can be learnt from Star Wars. After all, it is arguably simply as story of a simple family. Please bear in mind this is a list of Parenting lessons Star Wars, not my personal view, if you have any issues with any of these, please take it up with George Lucus.

10 Parenting lessons from Star Wars

  1. Has a couple of guys in robes turned up, talking about how special your son is? Let them take him away. How bad can that be?
  2. Has your son / complaining teenager got dreams? Stop him from following them until your farm business is ready for him to go.
  3. Don’t warn your kids about how bad lightsabers dangerous tools can be, until after its activated.
  4. On your first trip to the pub together, make sure it’s in the middle of a hive of scum and villiney.
  5. Pass on and train your younger one in your belief. It may help them blow up a Death Star one day.
  6. Have a son and daughter? Make sure they don’t know the other exists. How bad can that get?
  7. Cutting off a hand is acceptable discipline.
  8. On the subject of discipline, torture also seems ok for daughters / any boyfriends. It’s also ok to freeze the said boyfriend in carbonate.
  9. Kid not behaving? Bring them to see mum your boss.
  10. When you see your child in trouble, do everything you can to help. Even if it means throwing your boss down a shaft, while being blasted by Force lightning.

Anymore that I’ve missed?