From Before You Were Four.

The Little One is four today. Four! She is growing from a toddler to a preschooler to an actual little person within a blink of an eye. Time seems to be rushing forward, and before I know it she’ll be going to big school and everything!

Taking inspiration from Al over The Dad Network I thought I would blog a list of things that my daughter (probably) wouldn’t remember, but I would.

Instead, I figured I would take a photo of my notes, and save the notebook on a shelf somewhere.

So Little One… Here are a collection of memories from before you were 4. 


Conversations with a PreSchooler #13 

Well the bad news is that the Little One has managed to cough herself awake.The good news is that after being at work all evening, this meant I got to read her a good night story.

As she asked mummy to come up stairs and turn her lamp off I left mummy to it, and retreated downstairs onto the PC. I had just decided to do the sensible thing and switch it off, when I heard a gentle “boo”

“What are you doing down here?” I ask, “I came downstairs”.

“Ok… Does mummy know you’re down here?”


“What do you think she’ll say”

“She’ll laugh”

I sometimes wonder if she gets my reactions to things confused with mummy’s.

She didn’t laugh.

Random things I may have learnt this last week.

This month started well, but sadly crazy life things have led to the blog been neglected a little lately. Its not all been bad, we’ve managed to clear out a massively dodgy corner of our garden – which was a job that was needing to be done months ago… but anyway.

As seems to be my way at times, here is a random list of things I may have learnt this last week.  (Hopefully the following is a more interesting read then I made it sound)

  1. Trampolines are awesome to relax on.
  2. It seems I can set up a web server, and relocate a website to that web server.
  3. It’s possible to catch yourself saying Sorry to an invisible friend.
  4. Pretend tea parties on a trampoline are also awesome.
  5. Once you have a certain amount of Lego minifigures, buying them from Sainsburys (and not your Lego centre), is just silly.
  6. Going past Lego Frozen with a 3 year old girl is asking for trouble a tearful wallet.
  7. The LO has learnt how to use iPlayer. On both the PC and the set top box. This could lead to problems.
  8. Having a  sense of achievement does wonders for the self esteem. (I guess I knew this, but its nice to be reminded)
  9. The view of the sky from a trampoline is indeed awesome.
  10. While this isn’t the best idea for a blog post, its a useful way of doing a summary of stuff.

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Dad. The Hero!

We’ve had a close call before involving The Little One, and a small gap which featured her head. Thankfully the gap featured two movable worktops, and we managed to get her out of there. This little guy looks proper stuck until his hero dad comes along.

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Have you ever had to save a trapped small one?

Conversations with a Toddler #9

I was sat on one side of our living room, our Little One was sat on the sofa on the side while playing with some toys

Little One: *playing sounds, talking to self* “…Alone”
Daddy: “Your not alone, I’m right here”
Little One: “You’re far away”
Daddy: “I’m not far away, I’m right here”
Little One: “I can’t hold your hand.”
Wonders towards me.
Daddy: “Am I far away if you cant hold my hand?”
Little One: “Yes”
Grabs my hand pulls me away from the computer to play. 

10 Reasons Why You Want Another Kid

'He's the father of the entire first row.'

As soon as you settle down with someone, there seems to be a weird interest from other people about your attempts to populate the planet. When you finally get around to having a child, its only a matter of time before people start asking about when the next kid is.

Now I’ve already blogged about the many reasons why you may not want another child… but what if you’re thinking about it? (Or you’re trying to encourage someone else to think about more children) Here are 10 reasons why you want another kid.

  1. Practicing for one is fun. (Unless you’re very successful, in which case, bad luck)
  2. The next one may watch Match of the Day with you.
  3. They could entertain and look after each other? This saves money in the long run on child care fee’s.
  4. Keep at it, and you get enough for your very own football team.
  5. The next one may like Star Wars
  6. Multiple kids can parent each other right?
  7. The next one may watch Match of the Day with you, and bring beer.
  8. Want to set up a business? Dont pay for staff! Free child labour!
  9. The next one might switch on the radio, after the other has turned the radio off.
  10. The more children you have, the greater your chances of one child making millions, and not putting you in a crooked retirement home.

Any other reasons?



A Musical Performance

We’ve had a bit of a bizarre week over the last seven days. Due to a family funeral, we’ve ended up exploring both London, and South Woodham Ferrers (Found somewhere in Essex). Whilst in South Woodham, the Little One saw a stage in a town square… and she couldn’t stop herself…

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I’m not sure where this performing streak has come from??

Conversations With A Toddler #7

Whilst making Christmas cards, Mummy and The Little One are having a conversation about Christmas. I walk into the room, and Mummy explains to me that they were talking about Christmas, and after some reminding about  whose birthday we celebrate, the Little One says:

Little One: *whispers* “Baby Jesus”
*Starts Hiding behind Mummy*
Mummy: “What are you hiding from?”
Little One: “Baby Jesus”
Mummy: “You cant hide from Baby Jesus!”