“Getting Her To Sleep” #MySundayPhoto

“Poorly Little Santa wanted her friend to look after her while she was sleeping.
Lego Santa asked her friend to come and look after her…”

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#MySundayPhoto – Sleepeasy? 

Last night, a number of amazing people slept rough in the Princesshay Shopping Centre in Exeter, with the aim of increasing awareness of youth homeless, and raising money for YMCA Exeter. I was around for some of it taking photos of the event, and felt very thankful for the warm house I got to come home.

Sadly, to many people dont have that as an option.

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Ways Parents Can Cope with Sleep Deprivation

It was at some silly early time. The Little One was having trouble, and I was laying on her floor encouraging her back to sleep. Somewhere between trying to mutter gentle encouraging tones, and dozing to sleep, I wondered about how parents cope with sleep deprivation.

Coffee is the easy solution to help parents cope with little sleep. But I wondered if there were there any other ‘alternative’ ways to help parents stay awake?

Here’s what I found*…

Deathwish Coffee

I didn’t drink coffee before I had our little one.

Now I do if the need raises – at the risk of some sort of weird caffeine high…
I wonder how much this would wake me up?

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Caffeine Shampoo

shampooNeed to wake up?

Have a shower!

Need to really wake up?

Have a shower!

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Caffeine Sweets!

Have a sweet tooth?Sweets

You obviously want to wake up…

Why dont you combine your need to wake up, with your want for a swee, with some Caffeine sweets from Amazon!

Shoot Water in your face!

Need to wake up?

Try taking one water gun, and shooting yourself in the face!

Or train your little one to do it… might as well start the water fights at some point.


Amazon Link.

Risk giving yourself electric shocks!

Play with this in your pocket…

Try playing with it when your driving…

Write with it when making notes in the bath…

The shock may not last long, but it would keep you awake!

Buy from Amazon


Do you have any other ideas?

*HEALTH WARNING. Please dont treat this seriously. If you are having problems sleeping – deal with that, DO NOT focus on the staying awake bit. Besides – dont blame anyone if giving yourself electric shocks while driving doesn’t work out for you!

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Great List of Parenting Miscalculations (What Could Go Wrong?)

Sometimes in life we make mistakes, where we screw up and do something wrong. Some other times we don’t just make mistakes, but we have moments we we purposely choose a particular choice, and it turns out that it was one giant miscalculation.
The same thing happens when parenting. You take the information you have, take a sensible conclusion, but it all turns out to be one big mistake.

Here is our* list of Great Parenting Miscalculations, and a look at what would probably happen if you did that.

Its ok, they’ve not seen that big bar of chocolate.

They have. They’re waiting for you to leave the room. They’re waiting for you to return to find them covered in chocolate, find chocolate hand prints over chairs, carpets, walls, ceilings…

Oh and just because your Little One hasn’t had chocolate yet… there’s always a first time.

Little One wants to walk? That’s fine, we can leave the push chair behind…

So your little one wants to walk to that toddler group about a mile away? That’s fine, let them walk. In fact, let them take their bike / little pushchair / other big toy as well! Dont think about the fact that you’ll be carrying toddler AND over large toy both there and back!

Have just one more drink..?

Are you a reasonable drunk, with no particular responsibilities, and nothing to wake up for? Then thats fine, have more beers if you want.

Got kids at home? This is the night that they will wake up at 4am. Your kids will wake, and your hangover will ruin your soul.

They’ve had “dry” night. They don’t need nappies at night.

Get ready to change the sheets…

Its ok… let them sleep!

This is fine when you have a BABY! Lets face it babies sleep all the time anyway, a bit more sleep is fine. (Probably), What I’m talking about is when your little one has stopped having naps, and then happens to nap anyway – possibly later in the day – possibly in the car, a couple of hours before they would sleep anyway.

It might be tempting to bring them up to bed, and let them sleep.

Don’t do this. Just don’t.  This is stupid…. Unless you want your Little One to wake up a few hours later – feeling very awake and not wanting to go back to sleep. Ever.

Have you got any Great Parenting Miscalculations that you would like to share?

*Can you tell which one upset us the most?

What Parents Say | What Toddlers Hear (The BedTime Edition)

After seeing our toddler react in entirely the opposite way to what she asked last night at bedtime, I wondered if she just heard the exact opposite of other things we say at bed time. Heres a collection of other things that toddlers may hear differently to what was said.

What toddlers are told v what they hear - Bed Time

Any other examples?

The Dad Network

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Another Kid (or at least not yet)

It seems that if you’re together with someone for more then two seconds then particular people start asking about when to expect wedding bells and / or the sound of tiny feet? Then you have a kid…. and they then ask when you’re having another one.

Its almost as if people are telling you to hurry up and populate the earth*.

If you’re being asked when you are having another kid, please feel free to use one of the following reasons why you dont want another kid (or at least not yet).

  1. If we have another… That means more child care is needed when we’re at work. Are YOU offering???
  2. Sleep?
  3. My house insurance won’t cover the increased chance of possible damage.
  4. My counsellor suggests I should keep the baby making thing as slow as possible.
  5. I’ve not yet learnt how to entertain the kid / kids I have in Church.
  6. I can’t run the risk of having more children then I do hands.
  7. I’ll need to find more time to spend with them!
  8. I struggle to avoid being out-smarted by one of them. Any more I worry they may gang together and rule the world.
  9. I might have TWINS!!
  10. My peace keeper negotiation skills are not yet at a place to deal with my current child allowance. I’m sure I’ll need to be ok negotiating with terrorists / organ players / Torys, before I’m comfortable negotiating with my current kids, AND future ones!

Any other things to say that you can think of?

*There were less polite ways of writing that sentence

The Dad Network

The Many Ways Toddlers Dont Sleep

Sometimes, well, alot of the time, the toddler doesn’t seem to like going to sleep. Now dont get me wrong, once she is asleep, the toddler seems to enjoy being asleep. Its the stages before bed that seem to be a struggle, she knows whats coming, and its like she has a mental list of things to try in order to avoid going to bed.

I wondered what would be on a list of ways for Toddlers to avoid sleep.

1. Ask for one more Bing.
2. If the answer is not a yes, ask the other parent after giving them a big hug.
3. Play some trains.
4. Ask to read a book. They’re meant to say yes to that.
5. Ask for more food. (Fear that you’ll wake up hungry will motivate them to say yes)
6. Play “hide”
7. Talk about poo.
8. Ask for some Sarah and Duck.
9. Say Please.
10. Give everyone a really big hug.
11. Play with cool batman toys.
12. Try out that new word you’ve been working on.
13. Ask for more Bing (say Please this time)
14. Demand to be the one that turns of the TV.
15. Offer to clean up your toys.
16. Try getting food from the kitchen.
17. Insist on counting all the step, loose count, return to the bottom, try again.
18. When your half way up the stairs, demand to be carried up the stairs… from the bottom.
19. Play hide and seek amongst the upstairs rooms.
20. Want two separate tooth brushes to clean your teeth with.
21. Play hide and seek with the other parent.
22. Encourage parents to play hide and seek with each other.
23. Suggest now may be a good time to start potty training.
24. Run and hide when parent figure recommends nappy is taken off.
25. Repeat the above two steps.
26. Play the crazy Octopus game when the parents make you get into pyjamas.
27. Shout at your parents for forcing you into pyjamas.
28. Take off your pyjamas.
29. Repeat steps 26 – 28 untill you get bored.
30. Want at least two stories.
31. Ensure you pick the longer stories.
32. Demand toys for your bed, that “just happen to be down stairs”.
33. Change ends of the bed that you sleep on.
34. Want to hug each parent good night. Twice.

Is there any you could add?