What to do during the Summer Holidays?

Its the Summer Holidays. Or (according to the guy on the radio), its when parents realise how underpaid school teachers are. The kids have weeks off school, and you’re there wondering… WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THEM??

Well I figured I could either write a nice list of summer activities, or I could leave it up to chance, and present the Summer Activity Picker!

Click the wheel below, and it will tell you what activity you should try with your little ones.

Good Luck…


Obviously, Dads Sofa isn’t responsible for anything that happens because you’ve tried any of the above, or got confused between activities, or got drank too much wine.

(Dont worry, I know this is a little silly)

Random things I may have learnt this last week.

This month started well, but sadly crazy life things have led to the blog been neglected a little lately. Its not all been bad, we’ve managed to clear out a massively dodgy corner of our garden – which was a job that was needing to be done months ago… but anyway.

As seems to be my way at times, here is a random list of things I may have learnt this last week.  (Hopefully the following is a more interesting read then I made it sound)

  1. Trampolines are awesome to relax on.
  2. It seems I can set up a web server, and relocate a website to that web server.
  3. It’s possible to catch yourself saying Sorry to an invisible friend.
  4. Pretend tea parties on a trampoline are also awesome.
  5. Once you have a certain amount of Lego minifigures, buying them from Sainsburys (and not your Lego centre), is just silly.
  6. Going past Lego Frozen with a 3 year old girl is asking for trouble a tearful wallet.
  7. The LO has learnt how to use iPlayer. On both the PC and the set top box. This could lead to problems.
  8. Having a  sense of achievement does wonders for the self esteem. (I guess I knew this, but its nice to be reminded)
  9. The view of the sky from a trampoline is indeed awesome.
  10. While this isn’t the best idea for a blog post, its a useful way of doing a summary of stuff.

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