A Little Something About Stress

I’ve been blogging through this years Mens Health Week, with help from TENA Men. Today TENA Men have supplied the following tip: Whether it’s a heated exchange with your boss or a tense game of football, the next time you’re faced with a stressful situation, perform the following steps to always Take five deep breaths in and out Imagine […]

Being In Control…

While it’s not the easiest thing to discuss, in fact, nearly a fifth (18 per cent) of men have confessed they would rather give up going to the gym for a whole year than admit to it, the experience of urine leakage is shared by one in four UK men over the age of 40. To keep […]

A Little Bit of Manscaping

This Mens Health Week, and I’ve been challenged by TENA Men to make some changes that will make me healthier and feel better. Day 3 is a little different to what I think I was expecting,.. this is the challenge from TENA Men… When you look good, you feel great, so when it comes to […]

Trying The BioBand Sleep Tracker

Throughout this week I’m working through the ultimate Men’s Health kit from TENA Men, which contains a new challenge each day this week to help me try… and I guess be a little healthier then I currently am. Today’s challenge is the following: Getting in to shape and fitting in a weekly exercise regime can be […]

Its Men’s Health Week…

In case you hadn’t heard, its “Men’s Health Week” next week. It’s one of those weeks where an organisation tries to rise awareness of a particular cause. In the words of national-awareness-days.com: Men’s Health Week takes place from 13-19 June 2016. We all know men are the first to complain when it comes to ‘man flu,’ but […]