10 Things I May Have Learnt This Week

I admit it, I may have neglected the blog a little bit recently, I guess the busyness of life squeezed out my ability of coming up with blog ideas.  Heres a random list of things I may or may not have learned during this busy period. (Hopefully the following is a more interesting read then I made it sound)

  1. Fridge freezer shopping is really boring. Unless you live tweet the experience. (Which seemed to really engage people on twitter)
  2. Live Tweeting fridge freezer shopping may lead to an idea for a book of really bad ideas. (Like this blog post?)
  3. Live fridge freezer shopping is an oddly engaging thing on Twitter.
  4. The LO wearing a Sarah hat (from Sarah and Duck) is crazy cute.
  5. Turns out Constantine on Amazon Prime is a decent watch, and anyone who was a fan of Buffy / Angel NEEDS to watch it.
  6. Having a contact lens flap off your eye ball is a really weird sensation.
  7. It is possible to accidentally look spiritual in church.
  8. Giving something away can be such a hassle, it can make you wish you paid for it be taken away.
  9. An innocent request from a toddler doesn’t feel so innocent, when the toddler has a foot on your neck.
  10. This might not be the best idea for a blog post ever.

If live tweeting fridge freezer shopping sounds interesting, dont follow me on Twitter. I’m not likely to do it again for a while.

What to expect when shopping with a Toddler.

There are certain things that people don’t warn you about when you’re having a kid. Everyone talks about the lack of sleep, but no one warns you about going shopping into town with a toddler.

Heres our list of things of what to expect when shopping with a Toddler.

  1. You feel the need to ask your shopping companion to not lick anything.
  2. There’s an awful amount of running.
  3. … And playing hide and seek.
  4. You’re not the only one who snacks.
  5. Its interesting how much extra energy you can find when you decide to carry your Little One.
  6. There’s more stopping and tidying up then you would expect.
  7. You plan your route through the store to avoid anything that looks like Frozen, Bing, Peppa Pig, etc….
  8. Talking to lifts isn’t unusual.
  9. You HAVE TO help a little person with the lift controls. If not who knows where you’d end up.

Anything you can add?

Conversations with a Toddler #9

I was sat on one side of our living room, our Little One was sat on the sofa on the side while playing with some toys

Little One: *playing sounds, talking to self* “…Alone”
Daddy: “Your not alone, I’m right here”
Little One: “You’re far away”
Daddy: “I’m not far away, I’m right here”
Little One: “I can’t hold your hand.”
Wonders towards me.
Daddy: “Am I far away if you cant hold my hand?”
Little One: “Yes”
Grabs my hand pulls me away from the computer to play. 

Surviving a Train Journey With A Toddler

 This is the season of Christmas, Nativities, Chocolate, and long journeys. As we’ve recently been on our own long train journey with a little toddler, we figured we’d share some of the things that worked for us. Just in case you are wondering how to survive a train a trip with a toddler.

Things to do on a  train journey with a toddler.

  1. Have a little bag! We have a little rucksack / reins thing, that housed a a number of “little people” that also went on the journey with us. Time was spent investigating the bag… taking “little people” out the bag… back in the bag…
  2. Snacks! Need to entertain a toddler? Give them crisps, fruit… chocolate!
  3. Books. Lets face it. You’re not going anywhere soon. Take advantage of this, and read to your kid!
  4. Go for a walk up the train, and down the train, and up the train, and down the train, and…
  5. “I spy with my little eye…”
  6. The cbeebies magazine! This isn’t a sponsored post – honest! It really did manage to kill a good chunk of time.
  7. Practice saying the names of the places you go. If you do this, be prepared for cuteness… Imagine a three year old saying “Woking” for the first time. Obviously she’s dropping the “k”.
  8. Phones! Tablets! Tech! Woo! Check out the Cbeebies app. No in app purchases, and has loads of “mini games” included.
  9. Talk to your child?

Do you have any hints of your own?

Conversations With A Toddler #7

Whilst making Christmas cards, Mummy and The Little One are having a conversation about Christmas. I walk into the room, and Mummy explains to me that they were talking about Christmas, and after some reminding about  whose birthday we celebrate, the Little One says:

Little One: *whispers* “Baby Jesus”
*Starts Hiding behind Mummy*
Mummy: “What are you hiding from?”
Little One: “Baby Jesus”
Mummy: “You cant hide from Baby Jesus!”

Conversations With A Toddler #5

After “a bit of tantrum”, I’ve ended up laying down on the floor, and the Little One is kneeling next to me brushing her teeth:

Little One: I’m brushing food off my teeth off my teeth.
Me: What food have you had?
Little One: grapes
Me: and…
Little One: cheese
Me: and…
Little One: Ice Lolly!
Me: and…
At this point, my phone fell out of pocket onto the floor, Little One looks at it, then at me, smiles, and says:
Little One: phone
Me: How did that taste?
Little One: yummy!

I’m going to keep a closer eye on my phone.

Conversations With A Toddler #4

Me: What would you like to eat Darling? Some Carrot?

Toddler: No.

Me: Cheese?

Toddler: No.

Me: Cucumber?

Toddler: No.

Me: Egg?

Toddler: No.

Me: Toast?

Toddler: Yes please.

Me: So you want Toast?

Toddler: No Thanks.

Me: … #CryingInsideALittle

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