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Time For A Personal MOT With TENA Men

Colds, Flu’s, and Stomach Bugs seem to have been flying through the Dad Sofa Household recently. This could be a good time for a health MOT with thanks to TENA Men.

Guys are traditionally not great at looking their health, I know I sometimes need to hassled to get myself checked out by the Doctor if I ever have any problems. To help me take health more seriously, TENA Men have created a health check MOT plan for guys to think about, they’ve also sent some stuff to help me carry out a successful MOT.

The TENA Men MOT looks at the following.

TENA Men - Health MOTVisibility is essential when driving, and it’s the same with everyday life. To help with this TENA Men have sent a voucher for Specsavers. I’ve visited Specsavers since I first needed glasses, and found the service they offer to be fantastic.

Steering & Suspension

As a car gets older we all notice those little creaks more and more. The same happens to our own body. That’s why it’s important to look after your joints and muscles. Stretch them out using the correct equipment to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine! TENA Men have sent out some resistant bands to help me stretch out the knots in my muscles.

And as my daughter has found out. They are not for throwing around the place.

Fuel SystemTENA Men - Health MOT

If you had a leaky exhaust you’d get it checked out right?

The TENA Men Absorbent Protector can help mop-up all those drips and dribbles to ensure you can go from 0-100 without any hiccups along the way. Urine leakage is often seen as one of the taboo subjects men are reluctant to think about or discuss, however it’s a common health experience that affects 1 in 4 men over the age of 40.

I guess the message from TENA Men is that there are somethings you should speak to your Doctor about.


Every man takes pride in making sure their car looks spic and span and this should be the same when it comes to your own appearance. To help me try and keep a bit of pride in my appearance, TENA Men sent a Wahl grooming pack. Which included a nasal trimmer, which Mrs Sofa wasted no time in grabbing, and attacking me with!

EmissionsTENA Men - Health MOT

Although it’s important to take care of the parts we can see. It’s also just as important to make sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, and its obviously the same with our bodies. To help, TENA have recommended I try out a cup or two of green tea. Reading up on it, it seems green tea is filled with antioxidants and nutrients which helps the body’s immune system. After spending 2017 either dealing with poorly family members, or feeling like death myself, I can use all the help I can get!

TENA Men - Health MOTTyres

Your tyres are checked for a number of things at an MOT, tyre pressure being one of them. A Fitbit is a fantastically addictive way of monitoring not just your heart pressure, but also the amount of steps you walk, how you sleep, and more.

As a side note, it seems that a well trained athlete’s resting heart rate is 40-60 bpm. Mine is a little higher.

How does yours compare? 

2017 hasn’t had the healthiest start for the Dads Sofa household. Hopefully with the above ideas from TENA Men, things might improve, not just for this year, but in the future as well.

Now please excuse me. I need to go and try out the green tea.



#MySundayPhoto – Ice Cream Happiness

Somebody was ridiculously happy at the sight of their ice cream earlier, while we were at Urban Burger in Exeter.

While she was happy at the ice cream, I discovered today that they do great Gluten Free rolls as well, so worth a trip for people who like burgers but cant eat “normal” bread.

So smiles all round really…



#MySundayPhoto – Hello Puppy…

Well, not really a puppy.
Not any more. He’s grown up since he was a puppy.

A slightly older photo as the Sofa family has been kinda filled with colds and flu over the last week – therefore fun things like Blog and Photography is starting to slow down… Hopefully normal service will be restored one day!


How to Manage Your Home and Job, and Still Find Time for The Sofa

Juggling a busy home, a full-time job and a handful of kids is no easy task.  It’s no wonder that most parents wave goodbye to their personal space and alone time without trying to salvage even an evening a week for a movie or little shoot-em-up action on the Xbox.  It’s true that it’s hard to make time, but it isn’t impossible!  Many people feel guilty if they head out for an evening with friends or a little solo, kid-free time, but stress laden, overworked parenting has proven to have negative effects on children!  What does this mean?  Well, it’s time to give yourself a time out for once.  Here’s how to make it happen.

Share the Load

You and your partner don’t need to do everything in the house.  Get the family involved and teach the youngsters to do their part, too.  This will free up a lot of extra time each week.  Even children as young as 4 can be taught to pick up their room, put dirty clothes in the right place and feed the pets.  Older children can be easily introduced to the wide spectrum of household duties we all know and loathe.  Put a SchoolSitckers chart on the fridge with each person’s prescribed chores (including your own!), and set a reward for tasks done in timely fashion.

Have a Pizza Night

We have pizza every week, but I never realised how much time it could save until I started deciding which night it would be in advance.  When you know there’s going to a night when you don’t have to cook or clean, it gives you the chance to organise your schedule around the kids’ and pencil in a little free time or a sofa session with your partner.  And it doesn’t have to be pizza.  Nowadays you can get Chinese, Thai, sandwiches and even sushi delivered right to your door.

Establish a Routine

Working right in with planning a pizza night, why not plan the rest of your week as well?  This is a great practice for time management, and children react very well to routine, too.  The first time I penned out my daily routine, I was shocked at how much free time I should have.  I realised that I hadn’t been aware of what was best to do at what time, and that translated into a lot of wasted hours.

Make Lists

Gone are the days of going to the supermarket and standing there slack-jawed thinking, “Why did I come here again?” and then not remembering until I walked through my own front door.  Making lists helps you hone in on what’s important and what isn’t, and also keeps you on your feet and on track.  Make lists for shopping, to-do daily activities and even weekly, monthly and long-term goals.

Plan Some “Me Time”

When you put everything you need to do on your lists and in your routine, don’t forget that the blank spaces that remain don’t have to be filled in.  Consider those your sacred spaces (or sofa spaces, in my case), and keep a couple of them for you.  Even if some chores don’t get done, it’s not the end of the world.  Respect your sacred spaces and they will reward you with peace and harmony.

Don’t underestimate your alone time!  Remember that parents, employees and all human beings work best with batteries fully charged and that your sofa is a docking station with unlimited power.

Post inspired by Shine Media.

#MySundayPhoto – Romance In A Car Park?

Somewhere deep within an Exeter car park.



The Improbabilities Told By Topsy and Tim

The Improbabilities Told By Topsy and TimWe love Topsy and Tim in our household.

I say “We love Topsy and Tim”, I mean, our little one loves Topsy and Tim. If we ever have left CBeebies on in the background at home, the opening moments of the Topsy and Tim theme tune is enough to get her running to the TV.

Have I ever mentioned her “friends”, Topsy and Tim?

During a recent Topsy and Tim marathon on BBC iPlayer, it occurred to me that there seemed to be a number of….  improbabilities in the world of Topsy and Tim that just wouldn’t happen in this world.

Here are a number of examples I found.

  1. Kids can break Mummy’s vase.. and she’s THAT OK WITH IT!!
  2. Somehow, when you have 4 preschoolers kicking off, Mummy has found the time to put a well timed pizza in.
  3. Selling / moving house is JUST THAT EASY – AND QUICK!
  4. Having nursery school at home is a GREAT IDEA!! (Seriously, they have room for that? Mummy had time for that?)
  5. That a Mummy and Daddy can put up an outside playhouse the night before a twins 5th birthday, look fresh and awake the next morning, AND still smile at each other.
  6. Loads of cakes (which probably cost a fortune) get chucked on the floor… Mummy is NOT SCREAMING MAD!!!
  7. Christmas Eve evening is just that fun and relaxing! (No last minute wrapping from Mummy and Daddy?)
  8. You’ve moved house, you’re trying to unpack, you’re living out of boxes, a new friend is invited to play, and Mummy is smiling about all of this?
  9. When you’re building a new drive, you really want two 4 year olds around you.
  10. Its possible to build a marble run, so big, and amazing – THAT NO marbles will fly off – and break Mummys vase…

Are there any more that you would add?

*These might be invisible friends… and therefore probably dont count.

As we start a new week, i’ll just leave this here…

#MySundayPhoto – My View This Evening

Due to the beautiful combination of weekends, party locations, and work hours coming together so well, I managed to get to spend sometime here, enjoying the views of the Devonshire countryside rolling out ahead of me.




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