Why Mums Get Nothing Done During The Day*

Dads! Have you ever wondered why mums appear to get nothing done around the house during the day? After all, the corner of the lounge has been like that for at least a week, why hasn’t she tidied it? After all, you’ve been at work all day right? She’s been at home “playing” with the little one all day right? *

Seriously? Why doesn’t she do anything during the day?

Firstly… You tidy,

Secondly, watch this.

What other ways can little ones interrupt a good days plan? 

*Yes the first paragraph has been written, and then dunked in irony. 


How Toddlers Make You Late

It seems to be a universal truth about parenting. A truth that you don’t need to be a parent to know.  Toddlers make you late to places. It almost doesn’t matter where you’re going, if you have a toddler… the chances are you will be late exiting that door.

After a particularly “interesting” attempt at leaving the house, I wondered exactly how toddlers make you late… to almost anywhere:

  1. “One more Topsy and Tim / Bing / Kate and Mim Mim”
  2. The ability to get really hungry when they didn’t want any food EVER, just five minutes ago.
  3. The cry of, “I need a WEEEE”, just as you’re leaving the front door.
  4. “Can you read me a story?” – Is it just me that struggles saying no to this? Isn’t reading to children one of those parenting things you’re meant to do?
  5. Having a last minute change of heart, and deciding instead of the red top, the Little One MUST have the blue top on.
  6. Deciding that, I don’t want that doggy toy, I want the other doggy toy.
  7. “One more Topsy and Tim / Bing / Kate and Mim Mim… Pleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeee”
  8. Wanting to go in the driving seat of the car, and making that known by climbing past their car seat, and into the front.
  9. Wanting to bring about 20 to many toys, therefore its time to turn into a top negotiator, and agree on an amount of toys that are acceptable to all parties.
  10. Hearing a cry of “Oh No, POO!”

What other ways have you come across?

#MySundayPhoto – Caution. Children. 

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Doctor Who Twitter Account Regenerates Into One Big Tease

This evening, the Doctor Who Twitter Account has tweeted that they have some HUGE Doctor Who news…

Then they troll us with…

They even reassure panicking fans…

Which just winds people up more…

I’d place my bets on another Doctor turning up at some point this series.

Just ideal speculation. Please don’t quote me…

That was a stupid guess… The announcement was unveiled in this tweet:


Conversations With A Toddler #4

Me: What would you like to eat Darling? Some Carrot?

Toddler: No.

Me: Cheese?

Toddler: No.

Me: Cucumber?

Toddler: No.

Me: Egg?

Toddler: No.

Me: Toast?

Toddler: Yes please.

Me: So you want Toast?

Toddler: No Thanks.

Me: … #CryingInsideALittle

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The X-Files Full Length Trailer

“In 2002, our investigation ceased, but my personal obsession did not.” And so begins the first full length The X-Files since…. 2008?

Yes, Mulder and Scully are a little older now, and I for one, find that reassuring.


As a geeky child of the 90s I have to admit I may have made this sound…

THE X-FILES returns early 2016 for a six episode event series.

Looking forward to it?

Not a post about Pigs…

I dont know about you, but I’m a fan of Twitter. Most of the time its a nice way to keep update on people, websites, and local news, but every now and then something stands out, and well… its kinda funny. When allegations started to break last night of things that David Cameron may – or may not have done to some poor swine, the hammed up puns came thick and fast.

Whilst the toddler was being particularly distracting today, I wondered what people were being distracted from in the news? What are we not talking about?

How about, Free School Meals? Or I guess that they might be going…

According to The Independent:

Free meals for infant school pupils are likely to be scrapped in George Osborne’s November spending review, it has been reported.
According to Sky News, the government is considering the cut despite pledging to continue the policy in the 2015 Conservative manifesto.

Free hot school meals for all schoolchildren between four and seven, regardless of their parent’s income, were introduced by former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in 2014. It was estimated that it would cut costs to parents by £400 per year, per child.

Government departments were ordered by the Chancellor to cut their budgets by up to 40 per cent in July, under his spending review due in November.

The Department for Education has the majority of its spending budget protected.

However, £14 billion of spending within early years education is subject to cuts and the Universal Infant Free School Meals programme (UIFSM), which is estimated to cost between £600m and £800m per year, falls under this category.

I guess time will tell if The Conservatives will keep school meals fair.

While we are waiting, please sign this petition to ask the government to keep Universal Infant Free School Meals in schools.

In the mean time, I guess we could always talk about the amount of tax paid by Lord Ashcroft, our response to the Refugee Crisis, use of foodbanks, the price of bacon…

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