10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Another Kid (or at least not yet)

It seems that if you’re together with someone for more then two seconds then particular people start asking about when to expect wedding bells and / or the sound of tiny feet? Then you have a kid…. and they then ask when you’re having another one.

Its almost as if people are telling you to hurry up and populate the earth*.

If you’re being asked when you are having another kid, please feel free to use one of the following reasons why you dont want another kid (or at least not yet).

  1. If we have another… That means more child care is needed when we’re at work. Are YOU offering???
  2. Sleep?
  3. My house insurance won’t cover the increased chance of possible damage.
  4. My counsellor suggests I should keep the baby making thing as slow as possible.
  5. I’ve not yet learnt how to entertain the kid / kids I have in Church.
  6. I can’t run the risk of having more children then I do hands.
  7. I’ll need to find more time to spend with them!
  8. I struggle to avoid being out-smarted by one of them. Any more I worry they may gang together and rule the world.
  9. I might have TWINS!!
  10. My peace keeper negotiation skills are not yet at a place to deal with my current child allowance. I’m sure I’ll need to be ok negotiating with terrorists / organ players / Torys, before I’m comfortable negotiating with my current kids, AND future ones!

Any other things to say that you can think of?

*There were less polite ways of writing that sentence

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Who deleted me, and why do I want to know?

There’s this app, designed to work with the worlds most popular social network, to take your curiosity and uses it to tease your self esteem. It’s called “Who Deleted Me?”.

Once you’ve installed it, Who Deleted Me takes a copy of your friend list, and uses this copy to tell you if any one “disappears” from it. It apparently also lets you see the last time your friends logged into Facebook, as well as keeping note of the people you’ve deemed not good enough for your friend list.

My question about it, is quite simply, Why?

Why would you want to know all this? Does this show us something about the importance that we put on a connection within a social network, when we now have easy ways of finding out who broke that connection? If being friends on Facebook is the new way of certifying a friendship, is being unfriended on Facebook the new personal insult?

Besides, what would you do with this information anyway? Is there a positive outcome to knowing that someone has served you with the ultimate in personal insults deleted you from their Facebook friend list?

Does watching who logged into Facebook and when they last logged seem creepy to anyone else? I can imagine (hopefully only) situations in schools, where people have logged in, and not liked the photo belonging to the ‘popular kid’. That ‘popular kid’ now has a tool to act as Big Brother online.

All credit to the guy that wrote Who Deleted Me. This is an app that plays into our curiosity, and seems to have become popular as a result. I wonder what impact this, and apps like this could have on online behavior?

With all the above said, I’m still curious to try it out. You can download it from here, but the website does seem to be struggling at the moment.

Can anyone who is friends with me on Facebook, please let me know if they install this… just so I know who to look out for…

What do you think of Who Deleted Me?
Are you going to be trying it out?



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How to get a potty seat off a childs head

Every now and then, someone comes across the Dads Sofa after doing a search for “how to get a potty seat off a childs head”. Whilst that search takes you to this tale of a toddler wearing a potty seat – it may not be the most article to read during a time of crises.

In an attempt to be useful here are a few ideas of how to get a potty seat off a childs head:

  1. Washing up liquid
  2. Runny toffee.
  3. Wine.
  4. Blow Torch. – Maybe don’t drink the wine before using the blowtorch…
  5. Hammer (Because a hammer can solve lots of problems)
  6. A towel. (According to Douglas Adams you shouldn’t leave home without your towel)
  7. A saw. – But try to be accurate when using it.
  8. Time machine.  (Watch out for the butterfly effect)
  9. Blaming your other half / sibling / tortured child.
  10. Prayer. Because lets face it, you have a potty seat stuck on your toddlers head. The toddler is probably shouting, you’re stressed, no one is doing the right thing right now… you kinda need a miracle to avoid sending your kid to preschool with an additional item around their neck.

Hope these ideas help you get that potty seat off your little ones head!

Any ideas you want to share?

Free (ish) Amazon Voucher?

I dont ever share deals or anything here, maybe its something I should do more often? But anyway, here’s one I wanted to share with you, mostly because if you sign up to it, its good for both us.

Top Cashback is a website that lets you get cashback on any online shopping you do. The amount of money you get does vary, but at the end of the day, some money back is better then no money back – right?

The reason why I’m mentioning this?

You sign up to Top Cashback, and start getting money back into your account, when you get £10 cash back, you will also get a free £5 Amazon voucher. (And I’ll get some money chucked my way as well)

Whats the worst that could happen?

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