Ruckley’s Tryfest

With the Six Nations upon us, The Rugby Football Union [RFU] has launched its first interactive video game for the iphone ‘Ruckley’s Tryfest’.

Seems alright to kill a few minutes, plus it doesn’t have any in-app purchases, which every thing on the app store seems to have these days.

Toddler in Toilet Seat Horror!

It looks like a Devon parent has found a new way that toilet training can go wrong.

According to

Devon firefighters had an unusal emergency call out – to a toddler with a trainer toilet seat stuck on his head.

One fire appliance from Ottery St Mary was sent to Brackendown, West Hill, Ottery at 8.17pm tonight (Saturday) to deal with the incident.

The fire crew were able to remove the toilet seat from the child’s head.  The child was uninjured.
If anyone was to write a book entitled: “Potty Training. How Bad Can It Be?”, this little tale may have to be included.


The Dad Network

How Long Do You Wait?

Imagine the situation: Your toddler leaves the Living Room heading towards the kitchen, making “I want food noises”.

Question: How long do you wait until you go after the toddler?

A) Nice and Quick!
B) Do you wait, finish what you’re doing then go?
C) Hang on… See if you can identify any noises… then RUN!
D) Meh. You have locks on your cupboards you’re fine.
E) Meh… Let see what the toddler does.

If you’re settling for option E.
Good Luck

10 Reasons Why Dads Matter.

Dear Dads.

Ever felt that all the attention is on the mum? You know, she has the mum groups, the various classes, the extra time to actually understand the kid, and you have… work.

Well Babycentre have come up with 10 reasons why you also matter:

1. Who else, other than mum, will tuck her into bed at night, teach her how to ride a bike, fund her first holiday with friends and buy her first pint?

2. He’s got your genes. You are a part of his history, who he is, how he looks, right down to those big ears and awkward gait.

3. You matter to your partner, too. When you get stuck in from the start, breastfeeding is more successful and she is less likely to suffer from postnatal depression.

4. You’ll raise brainy kids. Children with involved fathers have better social skills when they reach nursery and do better in examinations at 16.

5. Being a good dad keeps your child sane. Father-child closeness is a crucial predictor of long-term mental health.

6. Successful professional women tend to have at least one thing in common: fathers who respect and encourage them.

7. Do well as a father and, when your child’s time comes, she’ll be a better mum.

8. You’ll keep him out of prison. Good fathering means your son is less likely to have a criminal record.

9. She’ll be happier later. Father involvement at age seven is correlated with your daughter’s contentment with love at 33.

10. Do you want your child to have higher self-esteem, be friendly and trust others? Your influence makes a difference.

The Am I Ready To Be A Dad Test?

Well it seems that someone has come across The Dads Sofa after doing a Google search for “am i ready to be a dad test”, so I figured I’ll actually write one. I guess the important question to answer on a “ready to be a dad test” really is simply:

“I’m I Ready to be a Dad?”

Answer: No you’re not.

I once heard that, Mums become a Mum when they become pregnant. Dads on the other hand really only become a Dad when they see their kid for the first time. Whilst I dont fully agree with that sentiment, I think it helps to illustrate my point that sometimes Dads just need to hold their little one for the first time to really feel like a Dad.

The thing is, if you’re looking for a test to see if you’re ready to be a dad, you’ve probably realized its a challenge, and by looking for validation on your dad credentials from Google, I would like to bet you may not feel 100% confident about it.

Which suggests to me that you are not an idiot and that you care.

And thats a damn good start.

This is a slightly edited version of an old post. 

Take Your New Born / Baby to Church Survival Kit

It’s been a few months now of smuggling the little one into Church, and pretending that she also knows when she to be quiet, when to make noise, etc…

After a while we figured we needed a selection of special tools to distract, entertain, and comfort her while ensuring her parents also get a chance to take part in the service.

So we’re proud to present, the “Take Your New Born / Baby to Church Survival Kit”:

  1. Dummies
  2. Muslin to cover up the fact your using a dummy.
  3. Energy drink – Because having coffee after the service is a little late.
  4. Note pad, and pen – useful for things such as funny drawings, paper plane material, and possibly sermon notes.
  5. Church Approved Toy. (Does not make noise, nor make other kids, or preacher jealous that he/she can’t play with said toy).
  6. Nappy bag – with enough nappies to last the length of the sermon.
  7. Milk bottles containing Ministry Approved Milk.
  8. Breakfast – because you were busy before the service making sure everyone else ate!
  9. Push Chair. So you can race other “drivers” around the church hall.
  10. Map containing directions to nearest exit – in case of sudden ‘exit’ issues…
  11. Children’s Bible – because we all need help understanding sermons sometimes.
  12. A note in your organiser letting you know that the service is starting 30 mins earlier… you’re never going to get there on time otherwise…

Any more that we’ve missed?

This is a slightly updated version of an old post.

What’s The Noise?

Imagine the situation: The adults of the family are sat in the lounge, the toddler is out the room, and you hear a noise.

Question: What Is the noise?

A) The bin being turned inside out.
B) The Fridge being emptied.
C) Toys being thrown downstairs.
D) The dishwasher being filled with your phone.
E) Your secret chocolate stash being found!
F) All of the above, at the same time, with various options being repeated in a random basis.

If you’ve heard a noise recently, and you’re not sure where your little person is… Good luck.