Sarah and Duck. The Stickers.

Sarah and Duck Bedroom StickersToday. Sarah and Duck came to visit, and stayed as stickers on our little ones wall.

You know how you sometimes get a sponsored blog post, and it’s nothing but the blogger singing praises over the product in question?

Well this isn’t a sponsored post, but it’s going to read similar to the above description, but that’s because the Sarah and Duck stickers are just that cute. Big and bright, these stickers are perfect to decorate any room belonging to a Sarah and Duck fan. Easy to peel, and quite sturdy, they are also easy to put up on the wall, and then adjust once you realise that you didn’t put them on straight enough.

The one problem we’re having is that our little one seemed to be shouting at Sarah and Duck to wake up…

The Sarah and Duck stickers can be found from They also sell Doctor Who wall stickers…. but the wife wouldn’t let me get a giant cyberman sticker… or a Clara…


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New Bing Bunny on Cbeebies?

I saw the above mentioned on the Bing Bunny Facebook page (yes I’ve liked it), and I have to admit. It has given me hope for the future. Not because its answered any vast questions of my life or my relationships, but because it means I may not have to watch that silly episode about hiding as much as normal!

Yes, Those are clips of episodes you have not seen yet.

From the looks of my Youview program guide, the new episodes of Bing start from Monday 27th April on Cbeebies. 

Instagram To Allow Breastfeeding Photos

Heres a little bit of news that may interest any breastfeeding mums / dads of breastfed kids who have instagram, according to The Huffington Post:

It’s now crystal clear: You are not allowed to harass people on Instagram, and you’re generally not allowed to show your nipples if you’re a woman.

An update to the Facebook-owned social network’s community guidelines Thursday contains stronger, more specific language than before, outlining in detail what users are allowed to post on the popular photo-sharing platform.

In a change from its previous rules, Instagram now states when nudity is allowed and explicitly banishes harassment. It also specifically notes that breastfeeding photos are allowed, bringing it in line with Facebook’s policy on the matter.

Previously, Instagram’s guidelines — still viewable on an archived page — were vague, with language like “keep your clothes on” and “be respectful.” They didn’t specifically reference breastfeeding, either. Now, Instagram’s rules are considerably more precise.

Read the rest over at The Huffington Post.

If you’re wondering why I care, I simply saw the good lady wife put a load of effort into breastfeeding when our LO was younger, and figure that breast feeding mums shouldn’t have any breast feeding photos they may share blocked.

As we’re talking about instagram, I can be found on instagram here. (Warning: May feature Lego)

News Biting A Bit Close To Home.

You know that feeling when you see something a bit bad in the news?

You know that feeling when that bad thing is where the parents live…

You know when you decide to call… just in case… and it turns out that this report is your parents place…

Sadly this turned out to be spot on, as this thatched roof belongs to the Mackay Cottage at Oldborough. (It was only their place that was affected – ignore that bit in the report). Thankfully they’re ok, the house is saved… if in a bit of a mess.

New roof needed, new carpets needed, and maybe some work needed where water has come in around the tarpaulin that has been put up by the thatcher.

From what I’ve heard, the Fire Service were AMAZING.

I guess any prayers / good vibes you could send their way would be appreciated.

Dangers Parents Face When Bringing A Child To Church

Congratulations. You have managed to make it to Church.

Actually hang on, you’ve managed to get to Church and not forget any family members on route. Massive Congratulations on not losing anyone.

Now, if your group includes a child, you need to remember – there are certain dangers you need to look out for when you take a child to Church.

  1. Being late, and having to contend with a church warden / steward “encouraging” you and your wiggly toddler to the front of the Church… whilst there are safer seats (and space to run at the back).
  2. Vicar: “Now lets take a moment of silent prayer”. Little One: “I NEED A POO!!!”.
  3. Formally breast fed toddlers getting jealous of the sight of a really little one getting breast fed… and running over to get a quick meal.
  4. The kid getting confused between a potty and the baptismal font.
  5. Is it your turn on the preaching rota? This will be the Sunday when your kid demands to play trains…with you… during the sermon.
  6. Has your toddler ever took their nappy off by themselves? THIS could be when they work it out!
  7. Toddler. Tantrums. Could be anytime?
  8. Your child refuses to be in their group (koala effect), but is too unsettled to be quiet enough for you to take them into the main service, hence you are stuck in the corridor limbo.

Any more you’ve come across?

Hide away the TV. The Teletubbies are returning.

Run. Hide away the TV. The Teletubbies are returning.

According to Mashable:

Just as we were recovering from that horrifying video of the Teletubbies in black-and-white, the sinister foursome are back again, with Jim Broadbent as a talking trumpet and Absolutely Fabulous’ Jane Horrocks as the “tubby phone.”

The actors are set to be joined by Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton when Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po return to BBC program CBeebies later this year.

The rebooted version of the show will stay true to its original run, which saw around a billion children in 120 countries tune in between 1997 and 2001, with the same characters and style but “a refreshed and contemporary look,” according to producers.

Cant CBeebies just give us more “In The Night Garden”? Isn’t that basically a less annoying version of Teletubbies?