Who I’m I?

  • I’m Andy. Dad to a little one (born September 2012), and Husband to my wife. The three of us live in our little corner of Devon, in the South West of England.
  • While The Dads Sofa is mainly geared around being a dad, babies, parenthood etc, I also post about other things like Doctor Who, Living Gluten Free, wanting to drink beer, and any thing that gets my fancy…
  • I’ve blogged in various shapes and forms for a few years now. This particular blog used to be a “Beer Blog” – but having a child seemed to lead to a cutting down of beers drunk, and pubs visited. I’m also part of the team over at The Church Sofa.
  • I’m a support worker, working with some amazing young people.

About this blog…

  • Well this blog has metamorphosed from one thing to another over the years, from being a “Beer Blog” to being a blog about having a pregnant wife. (Note to self, repeat the post about breathing exercises).
  • This blog is about being a slightly geeky parent in Devon, England. With photos from trips out around Exeter.
  • Expect a mix of serious “blog” style posts, mixed in with random links, videos, parenting resources, and random Doctor Who / geek stuff.

Contact me…

  • I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to drop me an email. Please feel free to get in touch if you know of any advertising or review opportunities, please get in touch.
  • You could say hello on Twitter, either via The Dads Sofa Twitter, or my personal Twitter account.

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