10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Another Kid (or at least not yet)

It seems that if you’re together with someone for more then two seconds then particular people start asking about when to expect wedding bells and / or the sound of tiny feet? Then you have a kid…. and they then ask when you’re having another one.

Its almost as if people are telling you to hurry up and populate the earth*.

If you’re being asked when you are having another kid, please feel free to use one of the following reasons why you dont want another kid (or at least not yet).

  1. If we have another… That means more child care is needed when we’re at work. Are YOU offering???
  2. Sleep?
  3. My house insurance won’t cover the increased chance of possible damage.
  4. My counsellor suggests I should keep the baby making thing as slow as possible.
  5. I’ve not yet learnt how to entertain the kid / kids I have in Church.
  6. I can’t run the risk of having more children then I do hands.
  7. I’ll need to find more time to spend with them!
  8. I struggle to avoid being out-smarted by one of them. Any more I worry they may gang together and rule the world.
  9. I might have TWINS!!
  10. My peace keeper negotiation skills are not yet at a place to deal with my current child allowance. I’m sure I’ll need to be ok negotiating with terrorists / organ players / Torys, before I’m comfortable negotiating with my current kids, AND future ones!

Any other things to say that you can think of?

*There were less polite ways of writing that sentence

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6 comments on “10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Another Kid (or at least not yet)

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds it kind of awkward to answer. As it’s generally older folk who ask me I’m always quite tempted to say “We’ve been at it loads but it hasn’t got us anywhere, is there a position you can recommend?” Cue awkward look and silence ba ha ha! I’m evil (sometimes!)

  2. Haha when I say the ‘I might have twins’ excuse some people actually take that as something positive. My mum is the only one who agreed that it would ruin our life as we know it lol #bigfatlinky

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