10 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Watched Too Much Cbeebies

10 Ways You Can Tell You've Watched Too Much Cbeebies

Are you? Is your little one a fan of Cbeebies? Is Cbeebies your favourite way of getting a little bit of peace during the day? Do you catch yourself enjoying Cbeebies a bit too much? Do you feel you know the Bing episodes a bit too much? Here are 10 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Watched Too Much Cbeebies!

  1. You were disappointed when you found out Topsy and Tim weren’t twins.
  2. Quoting kid shows to people who have no idea what you’re on about.
  3. You understand the links between Tree Fu Tom and Doctor Who.
  4. When loading up episodes on the DVR / iPlayer, you catch yourself knowing as much about the episodes as your kid does.
  5. Thinking someone you see in public looks like Mr Bloom.
  6. Multiple theme tunes stick in your head.
  7. You wonder if Captain Jacks Boat, is a unwritten episode of Doctor Who.
  8. Somehow, you caught yourself looking forward to that Mr Tumble Live they did…
  9. You cant help but wonder about the change in hair styles between Katie presenting “I Can Cook”, and the linking sections between shows.
  10. You take into account the names on Cbeebies when choosing future kids names. ( EG You avoid Tom, because of Tree Fu Tom – Topsy and Tim are taken – Bing is well out)

Are there any ways you can add?

37 thoughts on “10 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Watched Too Much Cbeebies

  1. Episodes of Bing become increasingly depressing because an animated, knitted, quasi-rabbit is a much better parent than you.

  2. I consider myself a closet expert in marine biology having watched way too many episodes of Octonauts (some of them on my own)

  3. Woah hold on now! Topsy and Tim aren’t twins!?!? My world is shaken!
    Also singing “what’s on your plate” when dishing up food is a staple in our house

    1. I always sing whats on your plate ! Its a very catchy tune.

      Also, my son thinks everytime he puts his backpack on he is “Andy’s Adventures”

  4. “Roll up your sleeves, give your hands a wash……”
    Oh hang on, I’m in a public toilet……without the children.

  5. When you realise you picked the perfect name for your newborn son from watching 3rd and Bird with your 1 year old on Cbeebies…

  6. 1. You know all actor the links between Bing! and Topsy and Tim.

    2. You get peeved when the schedule change because your mornings/afternoons/lunchtimes are timed accordingly depending what’s on.

    3. You get to work and giggle about something you saw and just can’t get across the cuteness or funny thing that happened to colleagues.

    4. Waybaloo and Night Garden start to get on your nerves after years of being hypnotised by them.

    5. You still howl at pretending to shoot Iggle Piggle with a plastic gun on the third nod of his head at the end…absolutely priceless (don’t pretend you don’t do it!)

    6. You cry a little bit at the Christmas specials, or at seeing Bernard Cribbins.

    7. You sway your child to certain episodes of a programme YOU secretly like in the planner.

    8. You know what the Pontypines’ neighbours are called.

    9. You get very excited when there’s a new series coming on of Bing! or Andy’s ??? Adventures.

    10. You find yourself defending remakes like The Clangers or Teletubbies, telling people about the sheer quality and how well it’s been done.

    11. You worry that you haven’t seen Alex for a while…and why is Rebecca doing the links now??

    I could think of a million more I reckon!!

  7. The kids are taken out by daddy or nana and I find I’m still watching cbeebies for half an hour before I realise I can change the channel.

  8. You find yourself crying when disabled Lizzie performs her piano solo at the school concert on Postman Pat which happened to me this morning. Oscar winning performance.

  9. My husband and I read these crying with laughter!

    My cousin felt the need to confirm the fact that Tig’s onscreen dad is infact her real dad in Wooly and Tig l. Also her onscreen mum is her auntie and the producer is PC plum from Ballymorey.

  10. You always add a ‘Quack’ when someone mentions ‘duck’. You add it even faster when ‘Sara’ is mentioned as well.

  11. You find yourself singing along to the ‘Chuggington’ theme tune when it comes and and saying OUT LOUD, ‘Oh, Chuggington’s on. I like Chuggington.’ *Hangs head in shame.*

  12. Definitely very peeved when schedule changes as I know when fur chested comes on we’re gonna be late!
    I know I’ve watched too much as even When my girls gone to bed and I’m still watching kids TV!

  13. You know you’ve watched too much cebeebies when the morning shows repeat after 1 and you’re still watching lol. Or you realise your child is sleeping in the other room and you’re still watching.

  14. You have an irrational hatred of Bing (especially the stealing episode) plus it isn’t a Bing thing it’s just a thing and happened before Bing!

    Being annoying it’s a Bing thing

  15. I knew it was time to go back to work after maternity leave when i got very excited when the blue people (wattingers?) got to leave the house in the Night Garden and go into the garden lol

  16. When your son has got a bit bored of Hey Duggee but you’re adamant that ‘we’ should watch another episode.

  17. – Having a secret preference for which presenter will read out the birthday card you sent in
    – Worrying about the fact that Peter Rabbit keeps revisiting the scene of his father’s murder (Mr McGregor’s garden)
    – Finding yourself thinking about Bing during Wolf Hall
    – Hoping Andy doesn’t create some sort of world-ending time travel paradox (and why hasn’t he ever tried to prevent WWII? Not even once)
    – Noticing that the presenters don’t have many Twitter followers because that’s not their demographic
    – Sympathising (a bit) with Richard Herring when he said he fancied Funella Furchester
    – Wondering how the Octonauts finance all that equipment
    – Feeling a wave of serenity wash over you when you switch back from one of the high-sugar, high-ad content, high-volume “rival” channels

  18. When you visit friends with your daughter and teach them the Swashbuckle salute after said daughter has persuaded them to put Cbeebies on.
    When you keep asking your daughter if she would prefer to watch Cbeebies when she is watching Tiny Pops.
    And when you keep hoping to that the music from Old Jack’s Boat and Katie Morag will be released on CD.

  19. Haha, i definitely have CBeebies on in our house too much! I agree with the above comment of when they change the scheduling! My day is planned around what show is on, and if a certain one is on we’re late. Haha. Plus what happened to the other presenters for a while? Ben was dominating a bit there!
    I actually googled Tree Fu Tom today to see who voiced Tom, and I never knew David Tennant voiced Twigs!!
    Great post! Becky x

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