Month: May 2019

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Who Should Be The Next Prime Minister? (From the World of CBeebies)

As those in the UK know, it feels like the present season of Brexit Britain has reached a season finale with an election still showing a country divided and an announcement that a new Prime Minister is on its way. Whoever the new PM is, they’ll have to word to unite a fairly divided country. […]

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Geek Stuff
On The Small Screen

Black Mirror Season 5 is Coming…

Black Mirror Season 5 is coming, and is looking amazing… Andrew Scott looking like he is channelling his inner Moriarty while anxious over modern life.

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Bubble And Squeak

The Dads Sofa Bubble and Squeak

The Dad Sofa’s weekly round up of stuff and – sometimes nonsense found online this week… Silly idea of the week Is it possible for someone who prefers the safety of a sofa to run a marathon during July? The Samaritans are introducing The Samarathon, I’m trying to work out if it looks good… or […]

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