Great List of Parenting Miscalculations (What Could Go Wrong?)

Sometimes in life we make mistakes, where we screw up and do something wrong. Some other times we don’t just make mistakes, but we have moments we we purposely choose a particular choice, and it turns out that it was one giant miscalculation.
The same thing happens when parenting. You take the information you have, take a sensible conclusion, but it all turns out to be one big mistake.

Here is our* list of Great Parenting Miscalculations, and a look at what would probably happen if you did that.

Its ok, they’ve not seen that big bar of chocolate.

They have. They’re waiting for you to leave the room. They’re waiting for you to return to find them covered in chocolate, find chocolate hand prints over chairs, carpets, walls, ceilings…

Oh and just because your Little One hasn’t had chocolate yet… there’s always a first time.

Little One wants to walk? That’s fine, we can leave the push chair behind…

So your little one wants to walk to that toddler group about a mile away? That’s fine, let them walk. In fact, let them take their bike / little pushchair / other big toy as well! Dont think about the fact that you’ll be carrying toddler AND over large toy both there and back!

Have just one more drink..?

Are you a reasonable drunk, with no particular responsibilities, and nothing to wake up for? Then thats fine, have more beers if you want.

Got kids at home? This is the night that they will wake up at 4am. Your kids will wake, and your hangover will ruin your soul.

They’ve had “dry” night. They don’t need nappies at night.

Get ready to change the sheets…

Its ok… let them sleep!

This is fine when you have a BABY! Lets face it babies sleep all the time anyway, a bit more sleep is fine. (Probably), What I’m talking about is when your little one has stopped having naps, and then happens to nap anyway – possibly later in the day – possibly in the car, a couple of hours before they would sleep anyway.

It might be tempting to bring them up to bed, and let them sleep.

Don’t do this. Just don’t.  This is stupid…. Unless you want your Little One to wake up a few hours later – feeling very awake and not wanting to go back to sleep. Ever.

Have you got any Great Parenting Miscalculations that you would like to share?

*Can you tell which one upset us the most?

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