How to get a potty seat off a childs head

Every now and then, someone comes across the Dads Sofa after doing a search for “how to get a potty seat off a childs head”. Whilst that search takes you to this tale of a toddler wearing a potty seat – it may not be the most article to read during a time of crises.

In an attempt to be useful here are a few ideas of how to get a potty seat off a childs head:

  1. Washing up liquid
  2. Runny toffee.
  3. Wine.
  4. Blow Torch. – Maybe don’t drink the wine before using the blowtorch…
  5. Hammer (Because a hammer can solve lots of problems)
  6. A towel. (According to Douglas Adams you shouldn’t leave home without your towel)
  7. A saw. – But try to be accurate when using it.
  8. Time machine.  (Watch out for the butterfly effect)
  9. Blaming your other half / sibling / tortured child.
  10. Prayer. Because lets face it, you have a potty seat stuck on your toddlers head. The toddler is probably shouting, you’re stressed, no one is doing the right thing right now… you kinda need a miracle to avoid sending your kid to preschool with an additional item around their neck.

Hope these ideas help you get that potty seat off your little ones head!

Any ideas you want to share?

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