Missing. One Bing Bunny.

Dear CBeebies,

We seem to be missing a Bing Bunny.

He was last seen on the CBeebies Playtime app, but seems to have been eaten by some dog thing.

Please return him to us, either where he was last seen, or in a whole new game / app.

Yes I would pay any ransom to get him back.

Many Thanks.

Parents of Bing Fans.

2 comments on “Missing. One Bing Bunny.

  1. I just looked at mine in horror from this post, but he’s still there. I’m now hoping my app doesn’t update and get rid of him!

    I love Bing, he’s by far the best cbeebies character!

    1. Yeah, try and make sure it doesn’t!
      I’ve seen on the Cbeebies facebook page that when they add a new game, the paint game gets an update. Which as an idea sucks when you have toddlers loving that character!

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