#MySundayPhoto – The Crawl To Work

Is this a photo of a beautiful sunrise, or is it a comment on congestion into Exeter during rush hour?

Or is it both?

Either way, if any public transport providers would like to use this in their advertising, please feel free to drop me a line on Twitter.



15 comments on “#MySundayPhoto – The Crawl To Work

  1. I suppose it depends which direction you are travelling. Facing the traffic tailback or towards the open road and the sunrise.
    Either way its a great photo 😀

  2. More a comment on over-reliance on cars. Oddly, on my blog I have a timed shutter-release image in the dark during a Friday night of the M25. Looked kinda nice in the SUrrey Hills, but so many cars. #MySundayPhoto

  3. Hi Andy, the sky is quite beautiful! I grew up in a house facing Haldon hill, but could not recall for the life of me where the sun rose and set over Exeter… Your photo also reminds me of what I don’t miss. Even in summer we don’t see traffic jams like that here.


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