Sarah and Duck. The Stickers.

Sarah and Duck Bedroom StickersToday. Sarah and Duck came to visit, and stayed as stickers on our little ones wall.

You know how you sometimes get a sponsored blog post, and it’s nothing but the blogger singing praises over the product in question?

Well this isn’t a sponsored post, but it’s going to read similar to the above description, but that’s because the Sarah and Duck stickers are just that cute. Big and bright, these stickers are perfect to decorate any room belonging to a Sarah and Duck fan. Easy to peel, and quite sturdy, they are also easy to put up on the wall, and then adjust once you realise that you didn’t put them on straight enough.

The one problem we’re having is that our little one seemed to be shouting at Sarah and Duck to wake up…

The Sarah and Duck stickers can be found from They also sell Doctor Who wall stickers…. but the wife wouldn’t let me get a giant cyberman sticker… or a Clara…


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