Dad Blog


I’ve Redecorated

I’ve given the place a coat of paint. Hope you like it. This may also been my attempt to encourage myself to post more.* *He said. Hopefully.

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Parenting Life

Dad. The Hero!

We’ve had a close call before involving The Little One, and a small gap which featured her head. Thankfully the gap featured two movable worktops, and we managed to get her out of there. This little guy looks proper stuck until his hero dad comes along. View post on Have you ever had to […]

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Geek Stuff

Taking the iPhone 6s out for a review

Life seems to come and go in cycles. Every couple of years there will a new James Bond movie, Sainsburys will find new ways to sell Christmas every August, and there will be a new iPhone released every Autumn. This year, Apple released the iPhone 6s to the world. When I was given the chance […]

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Toddler Life

Things children do that are unacceptable for adults to do

Ever looked at what your children do, and thought how unacceptable it would be if adults did what kids do? Ever actually wished you could behave like a kid. This dude did.

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