When Bedtime Doesn’t Go To Plan…

Well it’s been 12 minutes so far… and she hasn’t come down… Yet.

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Keeping Kids Entertained During The Holidays

Welcome to the school holidays! If you don’t have kids, this probably means an easier journey to work, if you do this probably means you, or someone else needs to come up with ways to stop the little darlings from watching nothing but Cbeebies all day long. But what can be done to entertain kids […]

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The start of a collector..?

I feel this might be the start of an obsession. (one which I’m ok with) All donations are gratefully accepted!!!

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Parenting Survival Guide #1

Just don’t spill it… Seriously. I could have cried.

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Why Is Your Child Angry?

Kids are great. Except when they’re not. Sometimes, children can just be angry little creatures of fury. Sometimes kids can be lovely. Other times, they just snarl, and make you wonder why is your child angry. If you ever wonder why your child is angry, this may be the thing for you. Simply spin the […]

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The Tee and Mo Playlist

Putting this here mostly because Little Sofa occasionally has a deep want to dance to Tee and Mo from CBeebies. If its here, I know where to find it easily. Also if it here, it gives you the chance to hear the catchy brilliance for yourself…

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Lego Dad Diaries #4

“There’s no such thing as the Gruffalo” he said. But Lego dad had been wrong before.

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Topsy and Tim

The Improbabilities Told By Topsy and Tim

We love Topsy and Tim in our household. I say “We love Topsy and Tim”, I mean, our little one loves Topsy and Tim. If we ever have left CBeebies on in the background at home, the opening moments of the Topsy and Tim theme tune is enough to get her running to the TV. […]

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When you leave the house. the difference between having kids and not having kids... or kid... Obviously I dont have the space to also include the arguments over clothing choices, the need to play with invisible friends, the want for second breakfast, want for a snack, needing to pee...

When You Leave The House. A Comparison Study.

When you leave the house. the difference between having kids and not having kids… or kid… The above is a simplified version of what really happens.

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