Tips on Sharing a Hotel Room with a Toddler

Well, after one thing led to another, both little southern dad and mummy both had a bit of time off this week. Deciding to do something about it, we decided to go on a minibreak / holiday. The thing is, where would be good to stay with a toddler? We considered camping, but figured for one night that might be a bit mad. We ended up settling on staying in the Premier Inn hotel near Truro at Carnon Downs, as it was near the Great Granny we wanted to visit. Would we survive sharing a hotel room with a toddler?

We weren’t sure what to expect from sharing a hotel room with a toddler. The last time we shared a room with her, we had a weeks holiday with next to no sleep. This time round we did a little bit of research into ideas to help before we went.

We found the following helped to save our sanity:

Premier Inn. I must mention the family room we stayed in at Premier Inn was lovely and big, with a sofa for little hands to climb on, and the cot for little feet to run around. The hotel room itself was a world for the little one to explore.

Keep things busy! I imagine this may be more challenging depending on where you’re staying, but we found that as soon as the little one was starting to get bored, she was able to go for a wonder around the hotel, look at the fields, play on the gate, etc etc. Obviously if you’re in the middle of a city stay, the equivalent may well be playing in traffic. In which case, you may want to bring some toys or something.

Leaflet-ReadingIf all else fails, I accidentally found that leaflets are a great distraction. Particularly if you’re somewhere like Cornwall, that supplies “visitor packs” to hotels in the area. These visitor hotels are simply big packs of leaflets, that were great fun to empty and play with.

When it came to getting ready for bed, we always find that bringing familiar items from home are useful, teddys that live in the cot, and a smoothing lamb toy always come everywhere with us. This lamb helps the little one go back to sleep while she wakes up in the night. As the cot was within sight of our bed, we put sheets up around the edge of the cot to almost box her in, and try and keep distractions at a minimum.

Once the little one was down, and asleep we were about 20 seconds away in the pub garden, armed with baby monitors so we could hear everything that happened in the room.  If you do decide to do this, please for the love of all thats good, stay near your room, make sure your monitors work, and that your little one cant get out the cot.

After 20 minutes, the monitor ended up losing its signal with the base unit, meaning that we went straight into the room, spending the rest of the evening in a dark corner, quiet, and out of sight of the cot, on our phones. Once the back ache kicked in we ended up simply getting an earlyish night.

While there were a couple of wake ups, we’d consider staying in a hotel room again, that’s if we don’t brave camping.

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